Phishing Exercise

Phishing Exercise Phishing Attack Prevention

Anti-Phishing Solutions to Prevent Malicious Threats

We use phishing techniques to prevent attempts of infecting user computers or trick users to divulge sensitive information. Email Phishing will measure how many users fall for the phishing ploy and click on a link or open an attachment. We emulate cyber criminals with our email phishing services by using the same techniques they use.

Unlike automated phishing services that use canned templates, we perform research on your organization and users. We use many tools and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods to gather useful information to use for phishing, spear phishing prevention, and whaling techniques against your users. We apply a combination of manual methods and automated tools to provide realistic phishing campaigns, targeted for your unique environment and users.


Validate your existing services

If you already utilize an automated phishing training service that takes users fall for the phishing templates under a phishing training website or CBT. Our phishing prevention service is perfect to validate the effectiveness of your phishing training service.

Training without validation is useless. If you do not use an existing phishing training service or do not have an existing Cybersecurity awareness program, we recommend testing your users with our anti-phishing solutions followed with our Cybersecurity awareness training.

The Most Critical Phishing Attacks Concerns

Open to Ideas

Weakest Link

The number of technical security measures within organizations is increasing over the past years. As a result, attackers are focusing more on the weakest link- the human factor.

Lack of Awareness

Educating employees to recognize and prevent spear phishing attacks is the best step towards a more secure organization.


Unintentional towards Phishing Attacks

Research shows that in 29% of successful data leaks, employees provided access to attacker unintentionally.

Need of continual education

The pre-attained knowledge fades with time which makes it imperative to have these training and awareness campaigns to be repeated periodically.

Our Approach

Our customer oriented approach makes the transformation journey easy to understand and more effective for our customers to adopt quickly.

  • 01

    Designing the scam itself

    This includes identifying targets, working out the best brands to spoof, deciding how the phish-cycle will work (links? Attachments?), what will you do with the collected data.

  • 02

    Designing and developing the phishing emails

    Including setting up email servers, writing content, creating the malicious links and/or attachments.

  • 03

    Creating the spoof website

    Phishing often involves tricking a person into revealing details such as personal data and/or financial information. It may also require a spoof login page to collect authentication credentials

  • 04

    Consuming and using the collected data

    The final stage: what to do with the phished data? Is it sold on via a darknet marketplace or messaging app group? Is it used to hijack an account?


Phishing Attacks Preventions

  • Setup of phishing campaigns

    We design the entire campaign end-to-end. We set the goals and define the objectives.

  • Creation of phishing email template and landing pages

    We design customer-specific email templates and landing page to spoof the identity of the customer.

  • Integration and selection of targeted users

    Our curated service targets the users based on the risk associated and more vulnerable.

  • Scheduling of phishing campaigns

    The service can be provided on a scheduled calendar basis or can be an ad-hoc service.

  • Real time monitoring

    We monitor click rates, time to click, etc in real time and provide the final dashboard with consolidated results.

  • Evaluation of the basic phishing and ransomware protection controls implemented by the organization

    We can also provide a service to evaluate existing phishing and ransomware protection controls implemented by the organization.

Our Specialization

We are a specialized Phishing Attacks Prevention service provider to our worldwide customers. We offer a wide range of service options that has acquired over the period and experienced gained from delivering varied size and scale of projects globally.

  • Pre-built Phishing Emails and Scenarios
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Training Modules
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Multi-client Capabilities
  • Software-as-a-Service Model
  • Architecture Assessment