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Protecting Your Business from Advanced Threats with Managed Cybersecurity Services

The rapid digitalization of assets and infrastructure has also led to a corresponding increase in their vulnerabilities and the cyber threats that seek to exploit them. Enterprises face severe risks of monetary, reputational, and operational continuity nature, regardless of their size.

Sattrix’s Managed Cybersecurity Services optimizes and scales the capabilities of your existing IT security infrastructure. Our cost-effective solutions are tailored to keep pace with your business needs while ensuring your security program meets the required standards and compliance requirements.

Our consultants work with you round the clock to understand, identify, and address your security needs. They set up processes and solutions that plug your security gaps, patch vulnerabilities, identify new threats, detect malicious activities, and mitigate any potential damage before it disrupts your operational and service delivery capabilities.

So, let your team focus on your key business priorities while we protect your business against the most advanced threats.

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Managed Capabilities

Our managed support includes a bucket of services you can pick, independently or clubbed together, based on your unique business needs.

SOC (Incident Response)

Gain access to a team of experts centralizing all cybersecurity processes and improving threat detection and response capabilities across your enterprise.

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SOAR (Automation & Response)

Orchestration, Automation, and Response services help you streamline your security operations by automating routine processes and improving incident response time.

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Device as a Service

Trust our team of experts to manage your security devices and keep them secure with our end-to-end device management support.

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HelpDesk / Tech Support

We offer round-the-clock helpdesk and technical assistance to ensure your digital safety and peace of mind.

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IT Infrastructure Security

Secure all the components of your enterprise IT infrastructure and protect your network with our IT Infrastructure Security Support.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Services

Advisory and consulting support to ensure your organization meets the best security compliance standards.

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Managed Detection & Response Services (MDR)

A team of experts and technology at your disposal 24x7 who specialize in threat detection and hunting, monitoring, and Incident Response.

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Vulnerability Management

Scan for security vulnerabilities across your organization’s network and remediate them by applying the latest software updates and security patches.

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Discover More Cybersecurity Services

Secure your business with our cybersecurity services

Professional Services

Our professional and consulting service experts will guide you every step of the way through your cybersecurity transformation journey.

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Assessment Services

We assess your cybersecurity posture for potential weaknesses and provide actionable insights to address them and scale your security capabilities.

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Expertise On-Demand

Swift access to our cybersecurity experts to address your most immediate needs with our expertise on-demand service.

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What Our Clients Say

Review of Sattrix MDR Services

Sattrix has provided SoC Services and after introducing them, we have observed high amount of security incidents detected and later helped us to reducing security incidents.

Manager, IT Security and Risk Management

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Does a good job for response services along with 24/7 monitoring and analysis

Sattrix Managed Detection and response services is a good too for thread detection, monitoring and analysis and also provides Alerts . It does a fair job or remote response services and incident validation as well.

Research Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Cybersecurity Services is a proactive approach to cyber defense where a team of experts remotely monitors, manages, and responds to security threats for your organization.

Managed Cybersecurity Service Providers offer dedicated expertise, advanced tools, and economies of scale that in-house teams often lack, helping you stay ahead of evolving threats and minimize risks.

An MSSP continuously monitors your network and systems for threats, analyzes security events, responds to incidents, investigates suspicious activity, and provides ongoing security expertise and guidance.

Your MSSP team typically includes security analysts, incident responders, threat intelligence specialists, and security engineers, covering a wide range of expertise.

MSSPs offer faster time to value, access to expert staff, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, while in-house teams provide greater control and customization. Evaluate your needs and resources to choose the best option.

Regular communication channels are established, involving weekly reports, security briefings, dedicated account managers, and immediate notification during incidents.

Consider your security needs, budget, and in-house expertise. A managed cybersecurity model is ideal for organizations lacking dedicated security teams, facing complex threats, or desiring cost-effective, proactive protection.

Yes, we offer cloud security monitoring solutions tailored to your specific cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP).

We typically manage firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), endpoint security solutions, and more, depending on your specific needs.

We work with you to understand your unique threats, risk profile, and budget to design a customized service package.

MSSPs leverage advanced security platforms, SIEM/SOC solutions, threat intelligence feeds, and other tools to provide comprehensive protection.

We offer around-the-clock monitoring, analysis, and incident response with dedicated support teams.

We assist with compliance requirements like HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more, offering expertise and tools to streamline audits.

MSSPs leverage automation tools to streamline threat detection, investigation, and response, accelerating incident resolution and reducing manual workloads.

Yes, you can gain real-time visibility with personalized dashboards and reports tailored to your security posture and priorities.

MSSPs have defined escalation procedures and communicate promptly with your team throughout the incident lifecycle.

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