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At Sattrix, we take pride in our flexibility when it comes to approaching partnerships. Our team of cybersecurity experts comprises passionate and experienced professionals dedicated to developing and delivering best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions tailored to meet our partners’ needs and to do so in a timely manner. Our capabilities in architecting and implementing top-notch solutions, along with our ability to resolve complex security issues with OEMs, Sis, Distributors, and MSPs worldwide, make us the ideal partners for building long-term, trusted relationships. This approach makes us perfect partners for technology, compliance, and alliance capabilities.

Partnership is the mantra for achieving growth and success together. Staying true to this statement, we build long-term trusted relationships with our partners globally, empowering them to deliver comprehensive offerings and strengthen their relationships with customers. We serve as a bridge to success, enabling everyone to achieve their goals.


System Integrators

We partner with leading global system integrators to deliver comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to customers. Together, we deliver customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer. This partnership also allows system integrators to scale their offerings and provide their customers with cutting-edge technology solutions backed by our extensive experience, resources, and excellence in delivering services.


We have established strong partnerships with leading OEMs to deliver the most advanced and reliable technology solutions to our customers. This collaboration has enabled us to offer innovative products and services that cater to unique business requirements and goals of customers. Furthermore, this partnership benefits both OEMs and our customers, as it enables OEMs to expand their reach and capabilities, delivering the best possible solutions to customers.
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Managed Services

Managed Services is one of our flagship offerings. We are well-equipped with capable experts in analysis, research, and hunting to deliver the most comprehensive Cybersecurity managed services. However, we also partner with regional partners to provide hybrid managed services to customers. We provide ready-to-use SOC support to our partners, enabling them to scale their service delivery capability in no time.

Professional Services

We have established a unique “Capability Building Program” aimed at developing a pool of skilled professionals with expertise in various technologies to provide swift support to OEMs. And that’s why we are the preferred Professional Services partner for many OEMs and SIs. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering a flawless service, from understanding the requirements to providing the final touches. This level of meticulousness stems from the cultural values deeply ingrained within our team.

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What Our Clients Say

Review of Sattrix MDR Services

Sattrix has provided SoC Services and after introducing them, we have observed high amount of security incidents detected and later helped us to reducing security incidents.

Manager, IT Security and Risk Management

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Does a good job for response services along with 24/7 monitoring and analysis

Sattrix Managed Detection and response services is a good too for thread detection, monitoring and analysis and also provides Alerts . It does a fair job or remote response services and incident validation as well.

Research Analyst

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Our Awards & Recognition

Company of the Year 2018
Best PS Partner 2022 Recognized By Splunk
Digital Industry Awards 2018
Best Emerging Technology of the Year 2018

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