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Let Our SOAR Solution Simplify Your Security Operations.

Organizations struggle with several challenges when it comes to managing their security operations and incident response processes. With the escalating volume of cyber threats today, organizations must take swift actions to respond and contain them. Any delay in response could result in data loss, operational disruptions, loss of customer trust, and reputational damage. Many businesses lack the capability and resources to manage this process efficiently.

As part of Expertise-on-the-go support, we provide SOAR as a Service to organizations to streamline their security operations and speed up their incident response process. With SOAR services, you can benefit from our robust security, orchestration, automation, and response platforms. You can reduce your response times to security incidents by automating the incident response process and other repetitive tasks. This helps you efficiently deal with attack vectors, mitigate risks, and improve security posture.

Our solution triggers a series of interconnected steps when a threat or suspicious anomaly is detected. The first step involves alert validation, where we validate the alerts received from numerous sources such as SIEM, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems. This step reaffirms if the alert is a genuine threat or a false positive. Once validated, our SOAR platform automatically escalates the alert to raise an incident ticket and assigns it to the appropriate team for further investigation. The designated team immediately gathers the required data and evidence from relevant sources and takes appropriate action to contain and mitigate the threat. This may include blocking IP addresses, quarantining endpoints, or other measures to prevent further damage. Once the threat is neutralized, our team closes the incident ticket, performs root cause analysis, and creates a detailed incident report for your review. Finally, we take preventative measures to prevent the recurrence of similar threats and apply automation playbooks if applicable. We update the exclusion list to avoid the generation of similar alerts in the future.

To summarize, from the alert validation step to the incident closure process and exclusion list updates, we ensure you remain safe and secure.

SOAR as a service

Why choose Sattrix as your Cybersecurity Expertise partner?

  • Actionable gap analysis
  • Structured security roadmap
  • Tangible security outcomes
The Most Critical

Concerns We Address

Your Cybersecurity Concerns, Our Top Priority.

Time Consuming Investigations

Investigation of security threats is a critical task that demands significant effort and time investment. This step involves gathering data from numerous sources, correlating it, and analyzing it to identify potential threats. This process can be complex, and any delay in executing this step could lead to severe spread and damage. Our solution helps automate and streamline this step, enabling rapid detection and swift resolution of security incidents.

Complex Incident Response

Managing incident response processes can be daunting and time-consuming, especially when it involves different tools and systems. Any inefficiencies and delays in response processes can harm your organization’s security posture. Our SOAR as a Service solution helps integrate various security tools and systems, easing the burden of SOC teams and allowing them to execute timely and effective response actions.

Integration Challenges

Different tools and technologies, when not integrated with one another, lead to communication gaps and lack of interoperability, resulting in an efficient and incomplete threat detection and response process. This can leave your infrastructure vulnerable to cyber attacks. Our experts provide a centralized platform integrating diverse security tools and technologies, fostering seamless communication, interoperability, and an effective threat detection and response process.

Resource Constraints

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is the lack of cybersecurity resources and expertise. This can stem from budget limitations, a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, or a combination of both. These limitations and shortages can make it difficult for organizations to effectively manage their cybersecurity operations, leaving them vulnerable to cyber threats and risks. We offer automation capabilities that free up your valuable resources and provide access to our experienced cybersecurity professionals, thus bridging the skills gap.

Human Error in Response

Despite the best training and experience, mistakes can happen while operating in high-pressure environments. These mistakes can have dire consequences, both in terms of time and resources required to remedy the situation. With the rising frequency and complexity of cyber attacks, it is more important than ever to have reliable and efficient incident response procedures in place. With SOAR as a Service support, you mitigate the risks that human error brings by automating standardized and repetitive response actions.

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Cybersecurity Expertise


Proactive Threat Hunting

Our SOAR solution facilitates proactive threat hunting by automating searches and queries across multiple data sources. This helps identify potential threats before they escalate and prevent security breaches from happening.


Enhanced Visibility and Control

Stay on top of potential threats with centralized visibility and complete control over automated processes throughout the IT infrastructure. This allows you to run security incident management operations with enhanced efficiency.


Playbook Optimization

We provide a range of pre-built playbooks that help you execute the incident response process more efficiently. Additionally, we help you create customized playbooks that meet your unique business needs. These playbooks help optimize your incident response processes.



Our solution is designed to seamlessly expand as your business grows or adapt to changing needs without compromising security measures. We prioritize scalability and flexibility to prevent costly system upgrades down the line.


Reduced Dwell Time for Threats

Implement automated rapid response workflows for known threats and suspicious anomalies, reducing their dwell time within your network. This minimizes the potential impact of these threats as they are identified and removed quickly.

Unique & Key

Features of this offering

Enhanced Security Orchestration and Automation

Our SOARaaS automates security tasks and workflows to improve efficiency across tools.

Advanced Threat Intelligence and Contextualization

SOARaaS uses real-time threat intelligence feeds and machine learning to prioritize critical security events.

Proactive Threat Hunting and Automated Actions

Our solution detects potential threats proactively through automated campaigns and takes automated actions to mitigate them.

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Mapping Solutions Together

SOAR as a Service Overlap


MDR hunts threats and automates responses using SOAR technology for lightning-fast action.

Vulnerability Management

Automate routine tasks with SOAR technology to free up your team to focus on strategic patching.


SOAR technology translates data from a deluge into actionable insights for coordinated defense.

Incident Response

Automate routine tasks with SOAR technology for faster and smarter response times, enabling your team to make critical decisions.


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Best Emerging Technology of the Year 2018

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