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Reduce your attack surface and minimize downtime with Sattrix.

It is an overwhelming task, if not impossible, to closely monitor the countless vulnerabilities that emerge daily within your network and applications. A reactive approach toward identifying and addressing these vulnerabilities can leave your IT infrastructure exposed, your response scattered, and your security team overworked.

Sattrix’s Vulnerability Management services enable you to take a structured approach to avoid cyber threats proactively. This includes scanning, analyzing, prioritizing, and patching processes. A structured approach also significantly reduces your attack surface, saves you from unnecessary patching, and minimizes downtime for you, your employees, and your clients.

Our security analysts use premium scanners and structured processes to identify gaps in your systems and infrastructure. After a thorough investigation, we draft a remediation plan and assign priorities based on factors such as risk severity, vulnerability type, and cost. We then address identified vulnerabilities and verify the effectiveness of the applied changes. Finally, we proactively monitor and maintain your infrastructure to continually improve your cybersecurity capability.

Vulnerability Management

Why choose Sattrix as your Managed Services partner?

  • Actionable gap analysis
  • Structured security roadmap
  • Tangible security outcomes
The Most Critical

Concerns We Address

Your Cybersecurity Concerns, Our Top Priority.

Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Zero-day vulnerabilities refer to vulnerabilities in software or hardware that are discovered by hackers before developers become aware of them. This gives attackers the advantage of being able to exploit the vulnerability before a patch or fix can be developed and deployed, leaving the entire IT ecosystem vulnerable to attacks. Attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, install malware, or take control of systems. Our vulnerability management team is always on the lookout to identify such vulnerabilities and help implement appropriate security measures to mitigate the risks.

Limited Resources

The concern of limited manpower and resources dedicated to cybersecurity tasks is a common one for enterprises of all sizes. Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field, and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats has made it even more challenging for businesses to keep their systems secure. Without adequate resources, businesses may struggle to keep up with the latest security measures, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches. By partnering with a trusted vulnerability management service provider, you can access experienced cybersecurity professionals and cutting-edge technology that you may not have access to otherwise.

Misconfiguration Risks

Misconfigurations can occur in various forms, such as unsecured network ports, weak passwords, outdated software, and unpatched systems. If left unaddressed, these misconfigurations can expose sensitive data to cyber threats. Malicious actors often exploit these vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive data, disrupt business operations, or cause other malicious activities. Our experts help you identify and address misconfigurations before malicious actors can exploit them. They scan the organization's systems and networks to identify any vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or other security issues and provide recommendations to remediate them.

Prioritization Challenges

With the increasing number of identified vulnerabilities, organizations face the challenge of deciding which vulnerabilities to address first in order to mitigate the most critical risks as soon as possible. This is particularly important in the context of limited resources and budgets, where organizations need to focus their efforts on the most pressing vulnerabilities to minimize the impact of potential attacks. We help you prioritize vulnerabilities and take appropriate action in a timely manner. By leveraging our expertise and technology, you can better understand your risk exposure and focus efforts on addressing the most critical vulnerabilities first.

Integration & Automation

The vulnerability management process often involves multiple stakeholders and tools, including security teams, IT teams, asset management systems, and patch management solutions. Integrating these tools and processes can be time-consuming and complex, leading to a lack of visibility and inefficiencies. Without automation, IT teams may struggle to prioritize vulnerabilities, leading to missed vulnerabilities and delayed patching of critical systems. We can help you address these concerns by streamlining and automating the identification, assessment, and remediation of vulnerabilities across your entire IT infrastructure.

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Managed Cybersecurity Service


Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Your systems remain compliant with industry standards and data protection regulation guidelines and avoid risks of non-compliance penalties, legal issues, and reputational damages.


Reduce Attack Surface

Critical security patches are applied consistently, closing potential entry points for hackers and reducing the likelihood of successful cyber-attacks and data breaches.



Streamlined monthly reporting on vulnerability research and findings provided with actionable insights in a user-friendly format.


Ad-hoc Support

Readiness for unscheduled scanning, patching, reporting, and other updates following the release of new vulnerabilities publicly or unforeseen and accidental changes.


Scalable & Flexible

Service delivery capability tailored to your business requirements and capacity to scale as your organizations grow or undergo digital transformations.


Cost Savings

Save expenses on hiring and training cybersecurity experts and eliminate the need to invest in expensive vulnerability scanning tools, software licenses, and other overheads.

Unique & Key

Features of this offering

Prioritization & Risk Scoring

Rank vulnerabilities by severity, exploitability, and business impact.

Automated Patch Management & Reporting

Automate patch deployment and streamline reporting for transparency.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Go beyond patching by identifying patterns and trends to optimize security posture.

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Mapping Solutions Together

Vulnerability Management Services Overlap

Vulnerability Assessment

Discover hidden weaknesses, prioritize risks, and patch with precision to stay ahead of security threats.


Proactively detect threats & patch vulnerabilities before they become a problem, with a proactive system always on alert.


Ensure you're meeting regulatory standards with strategic vulnerability management that plugs compliance gaps and provides peace of mind.


Automate patching and respond to exploits instantly with SOAR to neutralize vulnerabilities and keep your systems secure and hardened.


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Emerging Company of the Year 2020-21
Best PS Partner 2022 Recognized By Splunk
Digital Industry Awards 2018
Best Emerging Technology of the Year 2018

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