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Cloud Security: Navigating Usage and Concerns in the Digital Age


In today’s world, most organizations implement cloud computing to some extent to ensure that their cloud security measures can protect against the most significant threats.

Cloud Computing Usage and Security Concerns

Cloud Concerns

1. Concern of IT Professionals
  • 91% are concerned about security  
  • 18% had experienced a cloud-related security issued in last 12 months  
  • 41% of the companies have a security architect  
  • 90% say at least half of their data on the cloud is sensitive 
2. Top Cloud Security Threats
  • Data Breaches 
  • Misconfigurations and inadequate change control 
  • lack of cloud security architecture and strategy 
  • Insufficient identity, credential, access and key management 
  • Account Hijacking 
  • Insecure interfaces and APIs 
  • Weak control plane 
  • Meta structure and applistructure failures 
  • Limited cloud usage visibility 
  • Abuse and nefarious use of cloud services 
3. Single and multi-cloud organizations hit by cyberattacks in the last year
  • Last year single and multi-cloud organizations were hit by cyberattacks from which:
  • Malware attacks – 21% and 39%,
  • Exposed Data – 14% and 34%,
  • Ransomware – 17% and 32%,
  • Account compromise – 12% and 30%,
  • Cryptojacking – 7% and 21%,
  • Don’t know – 2% and 1% respectively.

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4. Why use Cloud Security?
  • Safeguarding from security breaches. 
  • Easily manageable remote working. 
  • Improved business infrastructure. 
  • Accessible anytime & anywhere. 
  • Centralized security with lower cost and manpower. 
  • Regular compliance and advanced support. 

5.  Security Approach: 

  • Assess 
  • Select 
  • Plan 
  • Execute 
  • Reporting 

Senior-level IT managers consistently recognize security concerns as one of their top challenges to control and protect data. Ensuring the safety of their infrastructure is a priority on their list of safety concerns and strategies to protect their business. This has opened up a new world of security concerns. Using a premier level of security in your infrastructure and network can help protect against the latest generation of cyberattacks.

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