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Trust us to evaluate your SOC capabilities and improve your incident response.

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats are multiplying in frequency and complexity, constantly testing organizations’ capability to detect and respond to varying attacks. This has made it critical for businesses to equip themselves with a robust Security Operations Center (SOC).

At Sattrix Information Security, we provide SOC assessment services, evaluating your security infrastructure, processes, and capabilities to help you identify risks and pain points in your SOC operations. Our SOC assessment services are designed to comprehensively evaluate your security architecture, technology stack, incident response procedures, and overall readiness to detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents. By identifying weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement with your SOC operations, we help you implement necessary measures to enhance your incident detection and response capabilities.

Our support helps manage the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization’s Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

SOC Assessment

Why choose Sattrix as your Assessment Services partner?

  • Actionable gap analysis
  • Structured security roadmap
  • Tangible security outcomes
The Most Critical

Concerns We Address

Your Cybersecurity Concerns, Our Top Priority.

Does it Enhance Security Posture?

Building a strong security posture is a top priority for any organization in order to protect against the growing number of cyber threats. Our SOC Assessment support helps you pinpoint gaps and vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure, enabling you to make targeted modifications and improvements. By optimizing your security controls, updating your incident response processes, and scaling your threat and defense capabilities, our assessments allow you to enhance your overall security posture and build better resilience against potential attacks.

Is my SOC SOP right?

Organizations are often concerned about the effectiveness of the standard operating procedures (SOP) set up by SOC for detection and response processes. We evaluate your monitoring tools, security incident management, and incident response procedures, help identify areas of concern and improvements, and address gaps in the implemented SOP. This proactive approach allows you to build a strong foundation and structure to elevate your threat detection and incident management capabilities.

Compliance and Regulatory Alignment

For businesses with Security Operations Centers (SOCs), meeting compliance and regulatory requirements is one of the major concerns. Ensuring that your security controls and procedures are aligned with industry regulations and compliance requirements is critical to avoid capital penalties, legal implications, and reputational damage associated with non-compliance. By thoroughly evaluating your current controls and procedures, we help you take steps to align with the necessary regulatory guidelines and ensure your SOC meets the highest industry standards.

Optimization of Resources

It is pretty common for organizations to face challenges in optimizing their resources in their SOC and ensuring that they have the right personnel and technology in place to manage effective security operations. Our analysts evaluate the effectiveness of current tools, technologies, and personnel and help you identify areas where processes can be streamlined and efficiencies can be gained. This allows you to make more informed decisions around resource allocation, staffing, and investments in security technologies.

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Assessment Services


Enhanced Security Effectiveness

Our SOC assessment helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your security operations and identify any gaps or vulnerabilities. By conducting a thorough evaluation, you can ensure that your SOC is adequately equipped to detect, analyze, and respond to cyber threats. This leads to improved overall security effectiveness and the ability to mitigate risks effectively.


Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Many industries and geographies have specific compliance and regulatory requirements related to cybersecurity. A SOC assessment helps your business ensure your security operations align with these requirements. By conducting regular checks, you can identify areas where your SOC processes may fall short and take necessary steps to achieve compliance, reducing the risk of penalties or legal consequences.


Identification of Weaknesses and Improvement Opportunities

Our support provides a detailed understanding of the current state of your organization’s security posture delivered by the SOC. By identifying weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement, you can take proactive measures to strengthen your security operations. This includes optimizing security controls, updating processes and procedures, and investing in new technologies or training to address identified gaps.


Proactive Threat Detection and Response

An efficient SOC helps businesses enhance their ability to detect and respond to attack vectors in a timely manner. By evaluating the effectiveness of monitoring tools, incident response procedures, and threat intelligence capabilities leveraged by your SOC, we help you identify areas for improvement. This step enables you to proactively identify and address potential threats, mitigating the impact of security incidents and reducing downtime or financial losses.


Demonstrating Security Maturity to Stakeholders

Periodic SOC assessments demonstrate a business's commitment to cybersecurity and its ability to protect critical assets. Regular reviews allow you to provide evidence of security maturity to stakeholders, such as customers, partners, and investors. This enhances trust and confidence in your organization's ability to handle sensitive data and protect against cyber threats.

Unique & Key

Features of this offering

Comprehensive Assessment Methodology

We evaluate your SOC against industry standards (MITRE ATT&CK, SOC Maturity Model).

Gap Identification and Remediation Roadmap

We identify gaps and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

People, Process, and Technology Evaluation

We assess SOC effectiveness across people, process, and technology.

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Mapping Solutions Together

SOC Assessment Service Overlap

Penetration Testing

Evaluate defenses, test SOC response, and address blind spots to prevent real attacks.

Vulnerability Management

Identify and fix weaknesses, test SOC readiness, and mitigate vulnerabilities for proactive defense.

IT Infrastructure Support

Build a secure infrastructure with SOC-aligned capabilities and assess SOC integration for a strong foundation.

Advisory Service

Get expert insights, assess SOC maturity, and chart a roadmap for a high-performing, future-proof SOC.


Our Awards & Recognition

Emerging Company of the Year 2020-21
Best PS Partner 2022 Recognized By Splunk
Digital Industry Awards 2018
Best Emerging Technology of the Year 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

A SOC assessment is a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your Security Operations Center (SOC) in detecting, analyzing, and responding to security threats. It helps you understand your current security posture and identifies areas for improvement in your people, processes, and technology.

Our SOC assessments can help you identify and address vulnerabilities in your SOC's ability to detect and respond to threats. We can also help you enhance process efficiency, streamline workflows, improve incident response times, and strengthen your team's capabilities. Additionally, we can evaluate the effectiveness of your security tools and technologies and benchmark your SOC against industry standards and leading practices.

We assess all aspects of your SOC, including your people, processes, and technology. This includes evaluating the skills, training, and staffing levels of your security team, incident response procedures, threat detection methods, and alert handling protocols, as well as your security tools, automation, and integration capabilities.

Absolutely! We can customize the assessments to focus on specific concerns (e.g., incident response, threat intelligence) or align with your desired SOC maturity level.

We leverage industry-recognized frameworks like NIST Cybersecurity Framework and CIS Controls, tailoring them to your specific needs and regulations.

You will receive a comprehensive report summarizing identified strengths and weaknesses, actionable recommendations with estimated timelines and resources, and benchmarking insights.

Yes, we prioritize findings based on severity, potential impact, and ease of remediation and categorize them to facilitate understanding and action planning.

Yes! We offer ongoing support through guidance on prioritizing and implementing recommendations, training and development resources for your security team, assistance with tool selection and configuration, and ongoing monitoring and progress tracking.

Yes, we leverage automation tools for data collection, analysis, and reporting, streamlining the assessment process and reducing disruption.

We assess your SOC maturity level using industry standards and provide a roadmap for improvement, outlining key milestones and steps to achieve your desired maturity level.

We work closely with you to schedule the assessment outside peak operational hours and employ non-invasive techniques whenever possible.

We compare your SOC against industry standards and best practices, highlighting areas for improvement and providing actionable recommendations for alignment.

We adhere to strict security protocols, data encryption, and non-disclosure agreements to ensure the complete confidentiality and security of your data throughout the process.

Yes, we provide cost estimates for recommended improvements and analyze their potential return on investment, helping you prioritize based on impact and feasibility.

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