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Discover our story, who we are, and our evolution over the years.

Sattrix is a powerful concept that embodies the principle of "Removing the Risk from Universe". It combines the words "Satt" (meaning Universe), "Ri" (meaning Risk), and "X" (meaning Extenuation) to provide a comprehensive framework for success in all areas of life. The key to Sattrix is careful planning, management, and mitigation of potential risks. By focusing on minimizing risk and delivering tangible outcomes, Sattrix helps organizations achieve their goals with greater ease and efficiency. Whether you're looking to scale your security posture or streamline your security processes, Sattrix is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to remove risk and maximize success.

Sattrix Information Security was founded in 2013 by a tech-savvy entrepreneur to become the best cyber security services provider and deliver the best cybersecurity managed and professional services to businesses worldwide. Our journey commenced with humble beginnings in India, and our unwavering faith in our vision continued to drive us forward. As we grew, we realized the immense potential of our services, which inspired us to expand our reach beyond India. Today, we are proud to cater to organizations in EMEA and North America, and our growth journey will only get steeper.

Our journey has been one of constant evolution, and we keep evolving to keep up with the dynamic technological leaps and paradigm shifts, as our passion to fortify the digital realm remains unwavering. We invite you to join us on this journey of partnership, innovation, and trust-building.

Our Vision

To become a trusted cybersecurity partner that delivers unparalleled security solutions to organizations across the globe.

Our Mission

We understand that trust needs to be earned, and that is why we are on a mission to become the most trusted cybersecurity partner by consistently delivering transparent and reliable solutions to organizations worldwide.

Our Values

At Sattrix, we conduct our business with utmost honesty, transparency, and integrity. We prioritize our client's needs, embrace change, foster a collaborative culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, and deliver excellence. These values serve as our guiding light and lay the foundation for our organization’s success.

Why Sattrix

Our Evolution

Securing your digital world with our cybersecurity solutions since 2013.

Establishment of Sattrix

Sattrix is established with the objective to deliver quality cybersecurity-data security solutions to organizations, system integrators, and OEMs.


Gaining Confidence and Becoming Trusted

  • Earns the confidence of a major security OEM.
  • Becomes a trusted Professional Services Partner successfully delivering multiple security projects.

Expansion and 24x7 Security Operations

  • Expands the operations to UAE with a registered office.
  • Becomes a trusted Professional Services Partner of various other OEMs.
  • 24x7 SOC for IR and Threat Hunting Services.

Global Expansion and Successful Service Delivery

  • Expands the PS partnership to a global OEM.
  • Successfully delivers Managed Security Services to multiple prominent vendors.

Regional Growth and Certification

  • Expands relationships in EMEA and SEA regions.
  • Gets Certified for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013.
  • Is recognized by Startup India under DIPP.

Recognition and Commencement of US Operations

  • Is awarded “Best Emerging Technology of the Year” by Digital Industry Awards.
  • Commences US operations.

Strategic Tie-Ups and Service Expansion

  • Builds Strategic tie-ups with more OEMs.
  • Expands capabilities into ITSM and IDAM services.

New Partnerships and Service Offerings

  • Starts TAC for ESET and becomes ESET EDR and MDR partner for India.
  • Signs partnership with international partners for Managed and SOC services offerings.

Services Launch

  • Launch of XDR as Managed Services
  • Introduction of Infra and Device management offerings

New Partnership

Partnered with Splunk to offer their products and professional services to our clients.


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What Our Clients Say

Review of Sattrix MDR Services

Sattrix has provided SoC Services and after introducing them, we have observed high amount of security incidents detected and later helped us to reducing security incidents.

Manager, IT Security and Risk Management

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Does a good job for response services along with 24/7 monitoring and analysis

Sattrix Managed Detection and response services is a good too for thread detection, monitoring and analysis and also provides Alerts . It does a fair job or remote response services and incident validation as well.

Research Analyst

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Our Awards & Recognition

Company of the Year 2018
Best PS Partner 2022 Recognized By Splunk
Digital Industry Awards 2018
Best Emerging Technology of the Year 2018

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