Managed Threat Hunting

Managed Threat Hunting Services

Find beyond what you can, Threat Hunting

Organizations are constantly being challenged by an increasing number of cybersecurity attacks. As the severity and frequency of attacks rise, there is a call for a more proactive approach that can find you ‘Unknow-Unknown’. Threat hunting is used to become aware of hidden threats lurking in the background and, ultimately, identify perpetrators who are already intruding in the organization’s systems and networks.

Managed threat hunting helps proactively identify adversaries which has already breached the defenses and found ways to establish a malicious presence in the organization’s network. Our cyber threat hunting advanced analytics tool combines network, end-point, application, and user behavior threat analytics and uncover abnormal patterns/behavior.


We do – Managed Threat Hunting

Outsource your concern to us, who is enjoying your ‘Trust’ otherwise; cyber threat hunting to Sattrix Information Security, you can find abnormal communication, behavior, patterns, IoC, etc. across the log data using our AI based system and skilled operations. We do it all for you as Threat Hunting-as-a-service.

Where is the Concern Area?

High Investment


Very high investment in people and technology.


Experts' Skills

Threat monitoring, detection and response required special security professional skills.


Continual Educationt

Continual education program to keep up with ways of attacks.

Lack of Information


Correctness of information and related events to find threats.


Expansion of economy

More technologies and enhanced processes for quick expansion.

Related Operations

Lack of best practices

Maturity of SOC and related operations is ever changing.

Technology Integration

Continued undetected and hidden attacks

Without threat hunting hidden threats continue exploiting systems.

Advanced treats

Advanced Threat Hunting tool

Threat hunting needs specialized tool for faster threat hunting.

Security Measure

Security Measure

Without proactive threat hunting damage due to threat will continue and risking organization security.

Our Approach

Our customer oriented approach makes the transformation journey easy to understand and more effective for our customers to adapt quickly.

  • 01

    Data Planning

    Identify critical data and plan its ingestion into the customized big data system

  • 02

    Cooling period

    Using unsupervised machine learning (ML) mechanism of the system, will let the system learn the data.

  • 03

    Detect Abnormality

    Using pre-built algorithms, our data scientists will work on different patterns of objects points.

  • 04


    Provide reports on either daily or weekly or monthly basis as agreed based on the requirement.

  • 05


    Develop customized algorithms to meet specific requirement of the customer.

Cyber Threat Hunting Services & Solutions at Sattrix
  • Network Testing Services

    Cyber Threat Hunting Services

    Using advanced security analytics, big data and machine learning (ML) predictive analytics provides threat hunting services & solutions.

  • Consulting Services

    Multi-dimension algorithms

    Built-in multi-dimensional situational based algorithm to find abnormal behavior of data.

  • Database Transfer Security

    Skilled SOC team

    Our data scientists have extensive experience in executing complex assignments that ensures tangible outcome.

  • Security Testing

    Bi-direction integration

    Provide bi-directional integration with SIEM and SOAR technologies.

Our Specialization

That’s not all what you have read. Sattrix provides plethora of options which has acquired over the period and experienced gained from delivering varied sizes and scales of projects globally.

  • SIEM
  • Python
  • SOAR
  • Data Analytics
  • Patterns
  • AI/ML
  • Integration