What is MDR?

How it Works?

What is MDR and How it Works?

What is MDR and How it Works?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services – combines human expertise and technology to monitor, detect and response threat/vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure.


For more details, read: What is Managed Detection and Response?

Why do you Need MDR Services?

  • 60% – Increase in cyberattacks worldwide in the last 18 months
  • 70% – Enterprises don’t have adequate planning, strategy and skills humans to respond attacks

Benefits of MDR Services

  • Improve security layer
  • Predict threats based on behavior analysis
  • Continuous managed threat hunting
  • Identify Hidden threats in Real time monitoring
  • Respond to incidents effectively
  • Restore endpoints to a known good status

How it Works?

In this process, cybersecurity experts monitor, detect and respond to threats – detected in your IT infrastructure.

  • Prioritization – Automated rules and human inspection are required to distinguish benign events and Malignant events and distilled into a stream of high-quality alerts.
  • Threat Hunting – Detect and Isolate advanced threats that evade existing security solutions in the network
  • Investigation – It helps to understand threat faster like what happened, when it happened, how deep the infrastructure affected.
  • Response – An actionable advice to remediate specific threats.
  • Remediation – It restores the system/infrastructure to their pre-attack state by removing threat, clean the registry, ejecting intruders, etc.

360 Degree – MDR Capabilities

  • Monitor – Infrastructure, people, process, data, devices, web, cloud, endpoint, email, network, asset, platform, application
  • Detect – Threat intelligence, behavior analysis, threat hunting, security analytics, real time correlation
  • Respond – Incident analysis, action insight, automated response

MDR Visibility

  • On-premise
  • Cloud
  • Virtual environment

We deliver, MDR Services, which have mitigation and remediation capabilities, and can deliver immediate value with minimal investment.

Managed Detection and Response Services

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