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Need to Move to a Next Gen SOC Service

Right from business operations to data storage, the business world has established its roots online. Hackers are quickly evolving and following sophisticated trends to become more prolific.

As attackers evolve, organizations have to reconsider their deployed cybersecurity tactics and strategies. Cyberattacks are worsening and speaking in volumes. To stay ahead of these threats, businesses need to invest in SOC services.

What are Next Gen SOC services?

In Next Gen SOC services, the data monitoring is not limited to the organization’s IT infrastructure. It expands and makes its way into cloud security services, personal email accounts, mobile and laptop devices. It enhances cybersecurity with complex tools, strict processes and next-level experienced security analysts, who gets unparalleled assistance from AI & ML bases solutions to detect & respond to threats quicker than ever.

Next Gen SOC services provide real-time and operational intelligence to give the best protection to your organization from the latest threats.

Traditional Vs Next Gen SOC

To handle the cyberattacks, companies are heading towards the managed SOC service providers to address their gaps. The ushering demand for cybersecurity needs limits the MSPs as they don’t have enough and efficient resources.

The redefined Next Gen services are taking the front seat to scale their services and meet the growing demand in the market.

The SOC model is experiencing a shift from its traditional approach to a high barrier. The new generation SOC offers scalable, quick and on-demand access to high-quality cyber protection.

By allowing the Next Gen SOC to manage everything, MSPs can tap the hard to find threats. Also, it benefits the companies as the Next Gen SOCs are budget-friendly.

The SOC model offers a transparent view of the portal so that everyone can track down the activities.

Still not satisfied why you should invest in Next Gen SOC services?

We have mentioned all the benefits of Next Gen SOC services that are bound to convince you why it is vital for every business.

Benefits of Next Gen SOC services

  • AI/ML powers Next Gen SOC

Managed SOC Services offer 24*7 alert monitoring of cybersecurity threats. The reason why this is important because SOC analysts struggle with alert issues. Analysts handle hundreds to thousands of threats every day and scrutinize their validity.

ML will improve this scenario and prioritize the alerts and detections as per the level of threat imposed.

  • It prepares your systems for a rapid response

Managed SOC services mean 24/7/365 monitoring of the cyber threats. Is your IT infrastructure equipped to respond to a breach?

If not, then it’s essential to review your test. Over 54% of organizations experience endpoint attacks, and 60% of the cyber attackers do not use file hacking techniques. Therefore, it can get complicated for your traditional SOC to respond quickly. At the same time, SOC can offer a quick and effective response.

  • Open architectures and layered analytics can take the pressure off

Managed SOC services to improve the security and operational efficiencies by using SOAPA (Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture) to integrate the data with various security tools. SOC’s need open architecture and layered SIEM to study entity behavior analytics.

To be more effective, organizations will need a unified interface or mission control to bring together the data and layered analytics tools so that analysts don’t have to struggle with shifting one interface to another. And guess what? Next Gen SOC offers that!

  • Versatile and cost-effective

Managed SOC services are easy to scale when the latest updates come. Also, they are super cost-effective depending upon the size of the organization.

  • It supports diverse data sources

Security logs provide limited coverage, and sometimes they can be easily manipulated by the attackers. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate cloud, network data and endpoint to monitor everything under the eyes. It also ensures active running, investigation and hunting of cyber threats.

  • It takes off the burden

Managed SOC not only secures your data around the clock but also offers 24*7 threat monitoring of apps, networks, endpoints; threat detection and response; SIEM-to-security automation, response, orchestration compliance filing and reporting. Therefore, it not only takes off the burden of security but also manages everything.

The Bottom Line

The Next Gen SOC services offer a wide range of benefits that can be customized to be a perfect fit for your business. Many businesses are shifting from a fundamental approach to a next-level system because the new generation SOC offers flexible, speedy and on-demand access to high-quality cyber protection.

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