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The Definitive Guide For Choosing The Best Managed Security Service provider (MSSP)

In the generation of a fully manageable and fast-growing business, are you still killing your valuable time by managing your securities on your own and still fearing a threat in your mind?

Why not go with MSSPs, where you can get the best services at a low cost and get the upper hand to save time to scale your business?

What is Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

If you are talking about outsourced monitoring and management of security services, that’s Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). MSSPs ensure that your people, services, and data are safe and secure. Intrusion detection, managed firewall, antiviral protections, and vulnerability detections come under the standard services taken in hand by an MSSP.

Let me simplify. You will never like to pay any ransom for your own business, but ransom attack is widespread in running cyberattacks. I am talking about just one attack but there are several more. A survey of 2022 conveys that cyberattacks have increased by 23.45%, and here you need to take care of security to be safe, and MSSPs help you out with it.

MSP vs. MSSP: What Is the Difference

Many people come up with the misconception that MSPs and MSSPs are the same things, but there exists a giant wall of difference between them.

  • MSPs (Managed Service Providers) help you with all your IT services and operations, whereas the other hand, MSSPs help you with security services and ensure that your business is safe and secure.
  • MSPs ensure that your data and services are available to your clients or users, whereas MSSPs verify that these data and services are non-accessible to any third party.
  • The service providers ensure usability and performance. On the other, the security providers ensure no threats or vulnerabilities.

Why Should You Outsource your cybersecurity operations to an MSSP?

Let’s say you are a software developer, then, indeed, you are the one who can develop full-fledged software, but you will need to be more capable of designing a car. On the other hand, an automation engineer can design a fantastic car but can’t develop software.

This analogy says an expert in any field always gives the best outcome. MSSPs are experts in security services. Once you get a threat, you can lose your entire business. A cyberattack or threat seems simple, but it can decay your strength for years and is so common nowadays.

All apart MSSPs under one shelter provides you the threat prediction, security, and protection from virus, attacks, and spam by professionals. If you set up your expertise to do all these works, you will invest much to gain the same you can get at a much lower price. Just look at Sattrix. They provide such an appreciable managed security service at such an affordable price.

Major Benefits Of Having a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Benefits of Having a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

  • Managed Security: The name is self-explanatory, and MSSPs provide managed security. Your complete load of security, threat management, and protection got handled in a full-fledged and managed way.
  • Cost Efficient: For any growing business, it is tough to establish a cybersecurity cell of its own. In the phase where any company grows, it can avoid a high budget for in-house cybersecurity. The new surveys show that skilled cybersecurity professionals cannot fulfill the industry’s requirements, which signifies it will be costly to have a security specialist. Whereas one can get security managed by highly skilled professionals when they use the services of MSSPs at a very low cost.
  • Time Efficient: It is time-consuming to manage all the security needs independently, but once you outsource your service, it’s all managed by a third party and gives you a penalty of spare time to build your business to the next level.
  • Anytime Support: The biggest perk in your hand while outsourcing your security services is that under MSSPs, many professionals are working round the clock and can provide you with 24*7 support. It’s perilous to avoid cyberattacks even for some hours because only a minute of access to an attacker can give them accountability for tons of your business data which can cost you a lot. So, MSSPs hold an advantage here!
  • Freedom To Pay: Pay for what you use is the ethic over which MSSPs use to work, so you are going to pay only when you will be using the service, and let’s say you are tight on budget somedays then you can pause your contract and take care of minor securities by your own and save the money scale your ongoing project.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Managed Security Service Provider

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Right Managed Security Service Provider

  • Customizable services: You should consider an MSSP that provides you the customizable services. Let’s say your website is prone to ransom attacks, and you get a service provider who gives you a complete package then that can be a waste of money for you to buy the complete package instead, you can work with a service provider that can assist with customizable services, and this will save you lot of money.
  • Customer Reviews: A security service is a big concern for your business, and you can nowhere have a risk over that. Don’t think like a person who goes to try everything; you should be very picky about your service providers and must go through the various customer reviews.
  • Relevant Skills Holder: As you are outsourcing your security service to get a better and more secure service, you should check over the skills of the professionals working in the backend to ensure you are in the right place.
  • Automation Friendly: It’s only sometimes the manual monitoring that works for you. It would help if you considered a security service provider that believes in automation. It is only sometimes that you detect the threat. You are secure only if you can prevent the attack as soon as possible. The extent of your security depends entirely on the time span you take to prevent any attack. So, you must consider an MSSP that provides automation as it’s a quick way of protection.
  • Responsive: The least targeted but essential criterion to check over is the responsiveness of any MSSP. Your service provider should be highly responsive because only this quality ensures that the organization will be capable of handling any upcoming attacks in a short span of time.

Questions to ask while choosing the right security service provider

It would be best if you would be very straightforward while talking with your security service provider. You should know everything about the organization outsourcing your security, and that’s why I have built a set of 5 questions, the answer of which can ensure you the complete detail of the service provider you are signing with:

Q.1 What are the terms and conditions of customization of the service?

Q.2 Is their expertise adequately verified, or is there any third-party verifying their expertise?

Q.3 Will the service provider be capable of standing on your requirements?

Q.4 What is the expertise the company owner holds in your industry?

Q.5 Will their security protocols affect your work anyhow?

Steps to choose the Right Managed Security Service Provider

Steps to choose the Right Managed Security Service Provider
There is a lot to look over when choosing the right managed security service provider, but I have drawn 7 steps to get the right service provider for you.

1) Filtering: The first step comes up to filter the list of service providers. There are tons of service providers in the market; hence, filtering some of them that fit your industry is a big task. So, create a sheet of specific service providers.

2) Research: Once you have the list of the right service providers. You can research them using customer reviews, their website delivery, previous services, and the organizations working with them.

3) One-to-one talk: Once you have the most filtered list, after the research and pulling out the most suitable company. This phase will give explicit knowledge about the service providers, and this is the steps where you will need the must-ask questions mentioned in the above section.

4) Verifying Factors: Once you are done with one to one talk, you will have all the answers about the service providers you have in your hand. You can now use the factors to consider that are mentioned in the above section and again come up with the most specific and skilled service providers.

5) Budget Discussion: Once you are done with the above 4 steps, you will have just a hand full of service providers or maybe even fewer. Now, you can look over your budget, the company’s responsiveness, and your compatibility with the company and go with the best that fits you. Tada, you have your desired and right-managed security service provider!

Why Choose Sattrix as your Managed Security Service Provider?

Concluding the complete analogy we can state that if you want to outsource your security service you need to ensure multiple facts and features. I have come up to you with Sattrix. Sattrix is one stop platform for all your security needs under a roof. Sattrix provides round-the-clock customizable services with guaranteed affordable prices, and market professionals handle their services. You don’t need anything more than this. Being an individual, entrepreneur, or organization owner, Sattrix can profoundly customize all security services. Do you doubt it? Try our trial service at a low cost and decide on your own. We believe in transparency, so we don’t fake the services.

Talking as MSSP Sattrix provide:

  • Managed vulnerability and patch
  • Managed device
  • Managed SOC
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Managed TAC Support, as well as
  • Managed Threat Hunting

No one will need a lot more than this from any security provider. So why wait? Hit our services now!

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