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SOAR – An Efficient Way to Balance SOC Operations

Everyone in the IT fraternity has heard Gartner’s predictions and pretty much has a clear understanding of how SOAR is the way forward for balancing the Security Operations Center (SOC).

Among the very many things it does to help and balance SOC is:

  • Accelerate response time

SOAR can alter security operations by cutting short the response time down to a few seconds. On the basis of the time taken to hack into a system varies, and the time needed by an attacker is also reduced as the time is finally cut down to seconds. hence, this helps you as an organization to respond proactively and quickly in the scheme of things.

  • Easy Investigations

It helps bring all the information together, if there are suspicious users sitting in your system you can collect relevant information about these users from within your system. The SOC Analyst would play a pivotal role here, to bring together all the data, there’s also automation that can be done in a single view for any event.

  • Damage control from threats

SOAR does help analysts and security personnel to examine and retort to attacks a lot faster, thus helping with the process of mitigation much sooner. Also, the ability to automate works in their favor to help minimize the damage that happens as a result of the attacks without any intervention from human beings. Also giving access to accurate information about the attack helps retort swiftly

  • Increase in Automation

A SOC analyst or personnel is wondering and worried with a myriad mélange of huge tasks that are not only manual and unwieldy but aren’t very productive for the organization at large, like for example adding or taking away access from users. This is when SOAR vendors come to the rescue. This could mean that there could be a reduction of 80% of time saved on futile. Security personnel work with automation and orchestration to mechanize remediation which is also a task

  • SOAR Integration with tools

SOAR won’t just integrate with other tools but also enable personnel to look at asset databases, configuration management, IT system data etc. Most enterprises would love this capability. Several security orchestration and platforms that automate will prove a pre-built for integration with other organizational tools, this works in the principle of plug and play, there’s no need for any manual coding needed as a part of this process

  • Minimizing Escalation

Ensure that this leads to freeing up space for personnel in tier one by ensuring there’s a centralized ticket management system, which is automated. This ensures that the escalations are reduced to allow the second and third-tier analysts to then focus on pivotal issues and incidents.

  • Cost Efficiency

For most enterprises the cost can be a make or break factor considering the way economies and businesses work these days, SOAR helps your personnel to be more efficient overall and this results in cost reductions. You get more for every investment here.

  • Overall better quality of intelligence

Addressing the sophisticated attacks and threats that happen currently, does require in-depth know how and profiling of strategies that the attackers use and the ability to identify indicators of compromise (IOCs). Combining and authenticating data from varied sources, including threat intelligence platforms, and the entire IT system, SOAR helps SOCs to be driven more intelligently. The effect of this is that security analysts can apprehend incidents, make informed choices, and fasten time taken for detection and response

Augmentation and automation as we all know contribute in a huge way to fasten the investigation and thereby altering the response time too. SOAR creates opportunities for businesses to alter their response tactics, which could be reduced by as much as 60%. All of this ensures that the attacker is restricted from hanging out in the system for longer durations and hence helps with the data that could have otherwise been compromised. In short, we’re only too glad to say that SOAR is here to stay.

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