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How We Improve the Cybersecurity Posture of Global Electronic Manufacturing Company?

Cybersecurity is very crucial for businesses, especially nowadays when attacks are so common. According to recent data, hackers attack a computer every 39 seconds in the United States, and globally, 30,000 websites are hacked daily.  

 These stats are enough to show that cybercrime activities are at their peak. Therefore, every business needs to improve its cybersecurity posture to tackle all kinds of online attacks. Here is a list of steps that you must take to boost the security of your systems: 

1. Do a Cybersecurity Risk Check 

The very first step in ensuring the safety of your network is doing a complete cybersecurity risk check. This will help you in finding all the weaknesses of your system at all levels. Further, the malware can break into your system through anything. Therefore, it’s also essential to check your third-party vendors for risks. Outline all the risks from the above assessment and prepare a defense plan that can help you to enhance companies’ cybersecurity posture.

2. Network Segmentation 

It is one of the primary and crucial methods to prevent your company from cyber risks. Network Segmentation includes dividing your organization into different compartments. The main benefit of doing so is when one part of your system is breached, the crackers will not have immediate access to the whole network. This will save your system from colossal loss and makes recovery easy. Also, ask your managed SOC services provider to put all your critical business information in a different segment with minimal people access.  

3. Password Selection 

Most individuals use passwords resembling their personal information like names, dates of birth, and phone numbers. Such passwords are readily guessable by using advanced algorithms. Therefore, using non-personal, non-dictionary, and multi-character passwords is suggested to make them hard to crack.  

Also, occasionally change the passwords of all your devices, including printers, scanners, security devices, computers, and smartphones, to add an extra layer to cybersecurity.  

4. Daily Secure Backups 

Backups are one major component of cybersecurity. During a cyberattack, your data might be deleted or altered. Therefore, if you have a backup, then you can quickly neutralize the cyberattack. Every Managed SOC service provider believes in implementing daily and secure backups of all your data. Automatic Cloud-based backups can be a good option because they support all types of devices and offer more convenience.  

5. Educate Your Users  

Teaching every employee about cybersecurity is very necessary. It can be easy to target one of your non-techy employees and enter your network through them. Hence, your employees can be proven to be the weakest link in cybersecurity unless you provide them with all the basic knowledge of cyberattacks. Companies can also set up a weekly seminar or a training program for their employees to teach them all basics of cybercrimes.  



These are five best practices every company should do to keep all their confidential data protected. Certain other things can also help in improving the cybersecurity posture of your global electronic manufacturing company. This includes implementing automated cybersecurity solutions, multi-factor authentication, endpoint protection and secure internet access.

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