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Increasing Attacks on Cloud Services in Digital Era

The cloud used in enterprises has evolved, and so are the cloud security services. The cloud substantially has become an inevitable part of the corporate and enhances the digital footprint. In the current world data is the king; therefore, it calls for enormous IT resources to protect it. According to a recent report by McAfee, there was a 630% increase in cloud attacks, and these staggering numbers are bound to increase in the future.

Organizations have to understand that the deployment of cybersecurity services is crucial to stop breaches. Activities such as rushed cloud migrations, flaws in the cloud architecture, poor management can expose your cloud in front of hackers.

Let’s discuss the threats to cloud services and how you can prevent them.

  • Inadequate Access and Control Management

According to a recent report, 40% of the attacks on the cloud are due to insiders. Not changing the passwords frequently, neglecting to use multi-factor authentication and various factors like this pave the way for the hackers to thrive on their malicious activities.

How to prevent it?
  • Ensure to put a strict identity control to access the data.
  • Frequently change the passwords and cryptographic keys.
  • Deploy multi-level authentication to the essential accounts.


  • Stopping the Easy Accessibility to the Insiders

Insiders can easily access the company’s data, passwords and sensitive information. A slight mistake by them can wreak havoc and lead the way for malicious people.

How to prevent it?
  • Hire a cloud security consulting firm and let them train your employees.
  • Tell your employees to practice cybersecurity methods regularly.
  • Tell them to stay away from malicious mails as it can give rise to a phishing attack.
  • Change in regular passwords is a must.


  • Poor API and Interface

The most sensitive link in any IT resource is the User interface and APIs. When you are designing these highly sensitive interfaces, make sure to make them robust and complicated so that hackers cannot penetrate through them.

How to prevent it?
  • Employing A-1 quality API solutions.
  • Always be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.
  • Do regular audits.
  • Apply adequate protection to secure the API endpoint.


  • Collapsed Metastructure

Powerful metastructure is extremely important for impenetrable usage of the cloud. Inadequately designed APIs can allow hackers to enter the gateway and entirely disrupt the service customers.

How to prevent it?
  • The providers of the cloud should ensure visibility.
  • The company should implement robust technologies.


  • Data Breach

The data breach is like a new norm in the world of hackers. Fraudsters steal the data in an unauthorized manner and then blackmail the company to pay an enormous amount.

How to prevent it?
  • Use a robust encryption protocol.
  • To employ a cloud security team and let them work efficiently.


The Bottom Line

While choosing a cloud infrastructure, companies must safeguard their pitfalls. Cloud security is a must to ensure the safety of your cloud, as your cloud contains your data, analysis and processes. You won’t be able to pay off what the hackers will demand after abusing your cloud; therefore, hire cloud security consulting services as they will come at a fraction of the cost.

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