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How do companies achieve cyber resilience in a post-pandemic world?

Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for cyber-attacks, respond to and recover from these attacks. It has become a new security norm over the past few years as traditional cybersecurity measures are no longer enough to protect companies from persistent and brutal attacks.

As per Mimecast’s The State of Email Security Report 2020, 31% of UK businesses experienced data loss due to a lack of cyber resilience preparedness.  

Cyber resilience helps a company defend against and limit the severity of attacks, protect against cyber risks, and ensure quick recovery to Business as Usual (BAU). 

Build Cyber Resilience to Survive Cyberthreats 

Building cyber resilience is imperative for surviving threats today and in the future. A strong cyber resilience strategy to provide a unified approach combining cybersecurity with data protection. In April 2020 a multinational IT services company confirmed that its network was hit by Maze ransomware that encrypted its servers. In September 2020, a crippling malware attack brought down the computer systems of one of the largest hospital chains in the United States.  

According to a recent survey by IDC, the average cost of downtime exceeds $200,000 per hour. The first step will be to build a detailed relaunch map according to the countries you are operating in and the target audience. Its primary objective will be to determine recovery opportunities. While businesses are having a tough time facing challenges associated with digital transformation such as Cloud migration, shadow IT, shortage of skills, and organizational silos.   

They are less likely to report negative outcomes or impacts from breaches, and more likely to make a faster recovery”, according to the DCMS. The study found that around a third (32%) of businesses have insured against cyber risks while 85% of all businesses failed to review the cybersecurity risks. 

Benefits of Cyber Resilience:  

It’s critical for companies to build their cyber resilience capabilities. UK organizations have become more resilient to data breaches and cyber-attacks. The recent study put together by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) shows that organizations have become more resilient to breaches and attacks over time. A Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) report showed that small firms in the UK suffer close to 10,000 cyber-attacks a day. Preparation is key to survival. This means that it’s better to start working on a strategy to reduce the impact.  

Here are some of the benefits of cyber resilience: 

  • It helps you reduce financial losses. 
  • A cyber-resilient posture helps you meet legal and regulatory requirements Such as NIS Regulations and the GDPR. 
  • It helps you improve your culture and internal processes 
  • It protects your brand and business reputation 

How to Develop Cyber Resilience?

Sattrix can help companies evaluate their environment and develop a defense and prevention plan. We can help you design a backup and recovery plan and we have a Penetration Testing program well in place to identify and mitigate all types of security risks and data breaches. 

We help companies to improve cyber-resilience in the following 5 steps: 

1. Get complete visibility across your company environment

Sattrix helps you get a clear view of your company assets, devices, users, applications, and software products. All these assets are super critical to your business. We provide the ability to drill drown into each detail of your entire system and protect your assets from attacks.  

2. Achieve cyber resilience against all types of broad-level issue

We guide your company to procure a backup and recovery solution. Our experts conduct disaster drills to protect the company’s response to any cyber-attack and educate your staff about breach risk and cyber resilience.

3. Hire and retain the best industry talent

We believe in hiring the best talent to serve operational and technical cybersecurity projects to our global clients and partners. Our teams are equipped with the right tools of automation and machine learning (ML).  

4. Monitor your company assets

How do We help big companies get an accurate inventory of their existing assets and monitor them across all types of cyberattacks? At here our experts’ team focuses on cybersecurity fundamentals and employs automation wherever possible for complete visibility, protection, and risk mitigation.

5. Become proactive and predictive against cyber-attacks

We help companies evolve their security posture by mapping their attack surface. Our security experts apply a proactive approach and continuously adjust to a constantly changing environment for predicting and mitigating breaches and cyber-attacks.

Sattrix offers cybersecurity solutions based on industry best practices and frameworks. To achieve cyber resilience, we offer various remediations such as Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing program, Web App Audit, Code Review, Phishing Exercise, Compliance Implementation, and Audit, Managed SOC, Managed Devices, Threat Hunting, Threat management, and Automated threat response (SOAR) well in place to identify and mitigate all types of security risks and data breaches. As we’ve helped many organizations and enterprises globally, we can help you. 

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