The Best Combination

AI & SOC – The Best Combination

AI & SOC – The Best Combination

A managed SOC is essential to manage a large volume of tasks on n a routine basis. More than 90% of companies agree automation is needed to deal with large alert volumes. However, 65% of companies say that the top barrier to SOC success is the lack of visibility into the IT security infrastructure. The average length of time to identify and detect a breach for companies is 280 days. And this is mainly due to the lack of visibility into the companies’ IT infrastructure. A legacy and manual process are not sufficient to survive brutal attacks. This is where security operations centers (SOCs) come in.

A managed SOC takes considerable pressure on tough day-to-day security operations and deals with complex security issues when things rattled. Companies, especially during this pandemic and the resulting shift to a largely remote workforce, are struggling to keep their IT environments secure. And this is becoming even harder to keep up with the sophistication of attacks and breaches. Remote connectivity and collaboration tools including VPNs and video conferencing platforms became new targets for attackers. But, businesses cannot afford any security risk, as the adversaries are always one step ahead!

Companies are focusing their efforts to keep ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats. Companies are spending on regulatory compliance and buying cybersecurity insurance. Therefore, managed security centers (SOC) can play a pivotal role to mitigate increasing security and data risks effectively to streamline business operations and adequately protect data.

It’s Time to Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Implementing an AI system for your company can help you achieve the desired results and protect your business. You need to define a use case for your company and then use that to test the AI capability. You need to align the math and use the case to fine-tune your AI system to provide the coverage you need.

AI with automation consumes vast amounts of data and reduces the amount of work for the SOC team, but increases the efficiency of the team. An effective AI deployment with security analytics can efficiently measure risk in a probabilistic manner to generate a risk assessment score and thus provide alerts to the team. But, again AI by itself does not magically make your SOC team more efficient. The key to success is in deploying the AI efficiently by choosing, testing, automating, and measuring perfectly.

The enterprise attack surface is massive; therefore, AI systems are needed to help information security teams analyze and improve the company’s cybersecurity posture efficiently and effectively. However, AI systems are iterative and dynamic, thus getting smarter with the more data they analyze. In recent years, AI has been vastly deployed by most enterprises to help them with assisted intelligence, augmented intelligence, and autonomous intelligence.

Choosing an artificial intelligence system for your company is the first step to advancing your security system. But, selecting, deploying, and monitoring AI systems to ensure their effectiveness is where managed SOC services are crucial. Our centralized, dedicated team of experts uses a variety of tools to protect against threats- detect, analyze and respond to threats in near real-time. Sattrix offers SOC as a service to its global customers to help them deal with attacks and data breaches. 

Want to deploy AI for automating your security operations, drop your query, and our security experts will connect with you in 24 hours to discuss the solution further!

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