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Assessment Services for Comprehensive Cybersecurity Protection: What You Need to Know

Many organizations do not understand the importance of running a cybersecurity assessment until their data gets breached. However, companies have started investing in protecting the IT infrastructure with the alarming increase in cyber threats.

If you are wondering how you will know whether your IT infrastructure is vulnerable or not. Well, a cybersecurity assessment can aptly provide you with the answer.

Cybersecurity assessment services aim to understand and analyze the risks a company may face whilst they perform cyber operations. Just like any other assessment initially, it assesses any internal or external factors that may rupture the company’s function or reputation.

Well, the good news is that you can avoid the forthcoming cyber threats by taking cybersecurity assessments.

Sattrix offers exclusive cyber threat assessment services that can be customized as per the requirement. Following is the list of cyber threat assessment services provided by Sattrix.

Vulnerability Assessment


Vulnerability assessment services are provided to identify and prioritize the vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT systems. It also helps give prior knowledge about the risk background, which helps understand and react to the threats and their environment.

For more details, read: Our Brief Introduction to What is Vulnerability Assessment?

How does Sattrix approach the Vulnerability Assessment?

  1. Intelligence Gathering: As the name suggests, all the information is gathered to use during the assessment.
  2. Vulnerability Analysis: During this, all the flaws in systems, applications, and networks are discovered. All these vulnerabilities are exposed using active and passive mechanisms, which helps to patch the gaps.
  3. Application Testing: Application testing is done using manual and automated testing by strictly adhering to the OWASP methodology.
  4. Reporting: Finally, we arrive at the last step, submitting a detailed document as per the decided agreement.

Penetration Testing


Penetration testing is exciting! We intended to exploit your organization’s IT infrastructure during this test to evaluate how robust the systems are. In addition, this testing helps to expose the vulnerabilities that may exist in your system and harm your company’s personal information.

Also, it helps in validating the defensive mechanism of your system.

New to Penetration Testing? Check out our Beginner’s guide to Penetration Testing

How does Sattrix approach Penetration testing?

  1. Information Gathering: First, our PT experts will gather publicly accessible information and how fraudsters can exploit it to get into systems.
  2. Planning and researching: After gathering all the information, thorough research is done to plan the next steps because we want to provide A-class service.
  3. Reconnaissance: The collected data is analyzed using the tester.
  4. Vulnerability detection: The tester analyses the gaps and records the responses to detect the vulnerabilities.
  5. Penetration Testing: Finally, the penetration is done into your systems to see how strong the defensive scheme is.

Phishing Exercise


Phishing exercises are conducted to educate your employees on how they can spot and avoid phishing attempts. By taking this phishing attack prevention, you can protect your organization internally from hackers.

How does Sattrix approach the Phishing exercise?

  1. Designing the scam itself: First, we create scams to entice your employees. They can be in the form of links, attachments, emails, etc.
  2. Designing and developing the phishing emails: We will set up a trap including everything right from the emails to creating the malevolent links or attachments.
  3. Creating the spoof website: Phishing attacks are not limited to malicious emails. Fraudsters will take you to a website and manipulate innocent people into sharing personal information.
  4. Consuming and using the collected data: In the final step, we analyze the data and where hackers could use the data.

Your organization should be aware of the issues in the IT infrastructure. It is advisable to take  cybersecurity assessment services once a year as it helps you to assess the gaps.

Sattrix can help you in exposing the weak points and how you can make your IT infrastructure strong.

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