Vulnerability Patch Management

Vulnerability Patch Management

Identify Vulnerability in your IT environment and patch it automatically

Multitude of customer deploy a vulnerability management solution to identify vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure, but noteworthy time, resources and efforts are needed to deploy the protective measures to mitigate the risk. These vulnerabilities intensify the risk of an exploit while reducing the value of the deployed vulnerability assessment solution.

Our vulnerability patch management lifecycle; right from the scanning till the fixing of the same by our skilled resources. We define this entire lifecycle through an automation by which things are taken care automatically with less human intervention. However, customer has choice to make it completely a manual activity as well.


Managed Vulnerability & Patch

Outsource your vulnerability and patch management to Sattrix, you concentrate on the outcome of compliance and risk management requirements not thinking about risk exposer by not keeping system patched on regular basis. We do it all for you as Vulnerability and Patch as-a-service.

Where is the Concern Area

Task List

Tedious task

Time consuming task to identify and remediate the vulnerabilities on regular basis.

Security Measure

High risk exposer

Potential weakness can be exploited by attacker if not patched on timely manner.

Process Time and Cost

Lack of automation

Vulnerabilities management services go hand-in-hand, automation make is quiker.

Our Approach

Our customer oriented approach makes the transformation journey easy to understand and more effective for our customers to adopt quickly.

  • 01

    Business Mapping

    Business and complaince mapping with vulnerability and patch management requirements.

  • 02

    Risk Mapping

    Carry out risk mapping with assets with in the infrastructure.

  • 03

    Process Scheduling

    Schedul vulnerability and patch management activity to ensure regularization

  • 04


    Oprationalization of activities using operations orchastration tools to ensure uninterupted process.

  • 05


    Provide regular management and risk reports for complaince and other requirements.

  • Specialized skillset

    Our security professionals have diverse skills and experience on vulnerability and patch management. Their performance is driven by metrics and service level agreements to ensure tangible outcomes.

  • Customized service offering

    Customize options like Vulnerability scaning, patch management, exploit, complaince reporting, complete automation, etc.

  • Orchestration

    Help you take timely action and continuously improve processes to decrease risk exposer. All of our teams work in sync with you to scan, identify, priortize and mitigate the risks and threats in your network.

  • Automation

    Adhering to your IT operation management requirements, we provide complete automation for regular vulnerability and patch management services.

Our Specialization

That’s not all what you have read. Sattix provides plethora of options which has acquired over the period and experienced gained from delivering varied size and scale of projects globally.

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Patch Management
  • Code review
  • Website audit
  • Infrastructure audit
  • Compliance audit
  • 24x7 support