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Simplifying OEM selection and integration for your organization.

Organizations face intricate challenges when selecting the right OEMs for their IT infrastructure. These challenges come in the form of various factors, such as the quality of the OEMs, their compatibility with the existing systems, their functionality, their integration capabilities with other systems, their scalability, and more.

As an OEM professional and consulting services provider, we help you choose the OEM solutions that best fit your unique requirements and seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Our experts conduct thorough assessments and vendor evaluations before providing tailored recommendations to ensure alignment with your organization’s budgetary, technological, and operational criteria.

Moreover, we provide implementation support to ensure that the OEM solutions are embedded correctly within your infrastructure. It also encompasses ongoing evaluation to ensure that the OEMs continue to meet the evolving business requirements of your organization. This helps streamline the process of integration and optimization within your organization’s IT ecosystem, ensuring maximum efficiency.

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Why choose Sattrix as your Consulting Services partner?

  • Actionable gap analysis
  • Structured security roadmap
  • Tangible security outcomes
The Most Critical

Concerns We Address

Your Cybersecurity Concerns, Our Top Priority.

Product Reliability

Sourcing and embedding poor quality or unreliable OEM offerings can have expensive consequences, such as increased downtime, decreased productivity, and disrupted operations. It can also severely impact your reputation and the trust that customers and partners place in you. Therefore, assessing the quality and reliability of OEM solutions before embedding them in your infrastructure is crucial. Our experts evaluate the quality and reliability of OEM offerings and provide recommendations to ensure that the OEM solutions you use are of the highest quality and reliability.

Security & Compliance

As organizations face increasing security threats and compliance requirements, it is essential to ensure that the chosen OEM offerings meet industry standards. Failure to do so can leave them vulnerable to breaches from attack vectors and in violation of compliance mandates. Our OEM consulting experts work closely with you to help you select OEM solutions that meet industry standards and compliance requirements. They also ensure that the embedded OEMs maintain compliance and are adequately patched moving forward.

Alignment with Business Needs

You want to ensure that the OEMs you pick are perfectly aligned with your business requirements, considering the many technological, operational, and budgetary requirements. Our OEM consultants aid you through this complex and time-consuming process. They take time to understand your business goals, challenges, budgetary constraints, existing IT ecosystem, and more to ensure that the solutions they recommend are tailored to your needs.

Readiness for Future Growth

As organizations grow and evolve, so do their requirements and goals. It is critical to ensure that the chosen OEM solution has the capability to scale and adapt to accommodate the organization’s future growth and evolving needs. Failure to do so can result in outdated infrastructure and inefficient operational processes. We help you choose the OEM offerings optimized for your future growth. We also assess your existing OEM solutions to identify any potential roadblocks to scalability and deliver tailored recommendations and solutions to address them.

Long-Term Support and Maintenance

You want to ensure that you receive adequate support for the integrated OEMs, ensuring your infrastructure operates efficiently in the long run. This requires careful evaluation of the services, warranties, and potential updates provided by the MSP solution providers. We take proactive steps to ensure your systems aren’t outdated and help pick OEM solutions that meet your needs over time. We assess the availability and quality of the support, maintenance, and updates provided by the OEM provider to ensure ongoing reliability and functionality.

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Professional & Consulting Service


Informed Decision-Making

Our comprehensive assessments and evaluations provide you with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding OEM partnerships. By identifying potential risks and opportunities, we help you minimize risks and maximize returns.


Technological Advantage

We prioritize forward-looking OEM solutions and help you stay updated with the latest technological trends and innovations. This gives you a competitive edge in your industry and lets you stay ahead of the curve in the fast-moving technological landscape.


Smooth Integration

Our OEM professional service is designed to deliver a seamless experience when integrating your chosen OEM solutions with your existing infrastructure. We take proactive actions to minimize operational disruptions and ensure no compatibility issues arise during the integration process.


Enhanced Security

As a cybersecurity service provider, we understand the importance of ensuring that the OEMs we select for you meet the required security standards. This reduces the risks of vulnerabilities and security breaches and helps you receive the best protection against cyber threats.


Strategic Partnerships

We understand the importance and value of building long-lasting partnerships with trusted OEM vendors. We work with you to identify the best vendors that meet your business needs and help you establish a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership with them that benefits you for years to come.

Unique & Key

Features of this offering

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for deployed OEM solutions, ensuring their continued functionality and security.

Strategic Guidance & Vendor Selection

We provide strategic guidance on selecting the right OEM solutions based on your unique needs, budget, and security considerations.

Deep OEM Expertise & Relationships

Leverage our extensive experience and established relationships with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across various industries.

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Mapping Solutions Together

OEM Consulting Service Offerings


Navigate regulations with ease, integrate seamlessly with OEM partners, compliance becomes a smooth ride.

Vulnerability Management

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities within OEM components, proactive mitigation, build secure products from the ground up.

Cybersecurity Expertise

Leverage specialized security expertise, optimize OEM integration, unlock the full potential of your partnerships.

IT Infrastructure Support

Streamline integration, optimize performance, IT infrastructure that flawlessly supports your OEM partnerships.


Our Awards & Recognition

Emerging Company of the Year 2020-21
Best PS Partner 2022 Recognized By Splunk
Digital Industry Awards 2018
Best Emerging Technology of the Year 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions

OEM Consulting is a service that helps enterprises make informed decisions about cybersecurity during the procurement and integration of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products. We help businesses choose secure solutions, mitigate risks, and ensure regulatory compliance within their specific industry.

We have deep expertise in various industries, including automotive, medical, and IoT. For example, we can help with securing connected vehicles, medical devices, and connected devices for smart infrastructure.

Our team possesses extensive knowledge of OEM product lifecycles, supply chain vulnerabilities, and industry-specific regulations. We can help you identify security risks and ensure compliance with relevant security standards and data privacy regulations.

We offer security assessments, threat modeling, and risk mitigation strategies to help you identify vulnerabilities and prioritize potential threats. We can recommend security controls, patch management, and incident response plans.

Yes, we conduct penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and incident response services to help you proactively identify and address security issues involving OEM products.

We notify you immediately upon discovering a potential vulnerability or security incident in your OEM product. We work with your team to assess, contain, mitigate, and prevent the issue, while keeping you informed throughout the process. Additionally, we help you comply with relevant regulations and offer post-incident support to ensure sustained security improvements.

Yes, we offer security monitoring, patch management, and training and awareness services to help you maintain a secure environment for your OEM products.

We take data security seriously and maintain strict confidentiality agreements, industry-standard security practices, and regular security audits to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Yes, our consultants have experience working with OEMs in various industries, and we understand the unique security challenges and regulations relevant to your specific needs.

Our support can help you minimize risks, enhance compliance, and build trust and brand reputation by offering secure OEM products.

Yes, we collaborate with leading cybersecurity vendors and industry organizations to stay informed about evolving threats, offer comprehensive solutions, and contribute to better security standards for OEM products.

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