Cyber Security Services

Cybersecurity Consulting with 360 degree approach to meet your organizational need.

Cybersecurity services and protection against threats commence greater impact in today’s ever-changing IT landscape. Due to the digitization it is natural that one can see increase in frauds, cybercrimes, risk, threats and vulnerabilities.

Disruptive and emerging technologies in most of the sectors have developed new capabilities, moved towards automation, and created ease of working environment in recent past. Sattrix Information Security has proven track record to provide end-to-end Cyber Security Solutions to many of its global customers.


Customer Centric Approach

Sattrix provides end-to-end services in CSO Security domain starting from Assessment till post implementation support. We have developed customer centric 360-degree approach to meet customer’s demand to meet compliance, audit, risk and many more aspects to address safe environment of themselves and their employees as well.

Assessment & Advisory, Secure, Transform and Manage; these are the four different stages any organization will need any phase of its growth path. Sattrix Information Security is here to help!

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Cyber Security Solutions

Dedication and Flexibility, our customers loves it!

We at Sattrix, love to be flexible with our approach, customer delivery and ensure that customer gets what is best suitable for them. Although ‘Zero-trust’ is the approach in cyber security, but we earn trust from our customers by walking with them in their cyber security adoption journey.

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Core Expertise

For you it’s all about finding and trusting a right partner that you believe has the skill and potential to help you achieve what you are expecting.

Yes, you’ve come to the right place and we can assure you that we are the one you are looking for.

Right Approach

Technocrats by Heart. We deliver innovative solutions to you that’s value-based, not just technology-based. Our unique approach to viewing things tends to use the security in way that helps you grow closer to your business goals

Partners forever

Moving to Cyber security consulting is not the end, instead it is the beginning. There are multiple things that can be done post moving to the security, where in, we can help you do so and hence partners forever.

Adoption of NextGen

We understand AI, ML, IoT, Analytics and many more. We keep ourselves on our toes ready to swoop in as soon as you need us with you. We are just a click away

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