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Earl Robinson Joins the Sattrix Group as the VP, Global Channel Partner and Alliances

Sattrix Group, a leading managed security services and cybersecurity company known as Sattrix Information Security, Advance software development company known as Sattrix Software Solutions and Nextgen AI/ML-based data analytics and response OEM, NextEra; has appointed Earl Robinson as the Vice President, Global Channel Partners and Alliances as the company aims for worldwide expansion and Earl is prioritizing global cooperation and partnerships. 

Earl Robinson joins the Sattrix Group as the VP of Global Channel Partnership and Alliances. He is responsible for developing partner programs, managing partnerships and incentives, channel management, and ensuring partner success. Earl will oversee channel and alliance partner operations and will help Sattrix to develop strong partnerships globally. He will represent all services and products offered by Sattrix Group, including Sattrix Information Security, NextEra, Sattrix Software Solutions, and many more. 

Earl has over 25 years of experience in the global IT environment, developing international business expansion and managing partnerships. For over two decades Earl has worked with OEM and Large distributors, Earl has been successfully developing and growing strategic partnerships Globally. He will use his extensive experience in designing targeted growth strategies and will continue business expansion globally. 

Earl Robinson, VP Global Channel and Alliances

Earl Robinson

Sattrix has a highly committed, talented, and experienced team that has delivered cutting-edge cybersecurity and advance software development services for years,” Earl said. “Working with Sattrix is a great opportunity for me, and I look forward to supporting the team and helping our partners overcome their IT and cybersecurity challenges.”


Sachhin GAJJAER, Group Founder and CEO of Sattrix


Earl will be a member of the executive team and will report to Sachhin GAJJAER, the Founder & Group CEO of the Sattrix Group. “Earl’s experience and expertise in global expansion through channel & partner management will help us expand our operations globally,” said Sachhin GAJJAER. 


About Sattrix Group: 

Since 2013, Sattrix Group has been helping businesses and industry worldwide with Industry-Leading IT security services, software development, automation and integration services, and solutions. Sattrix Group consists of three dedicated ventures, where Sattrix Information Security offers industry-leading cybersecurity services, Sattrix Software provides software development, automation, and integration services, and NextEra is a home-grown data analytics solution. Sattrix has served clients across all industries with a global team of professionals with a dedicated SOC, development center in India, and 3 other global offices. Sattrix’s cybersecurity and software solutions help businesses with secure and efficient business management, cost reduction, better consumer experience, increased productivity, and revenue with complete peace of mind. The company is well-recognized with certifications and quality parameters such as ISO 22301:2012, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 27001:2018. The company’s next-age data solutions give enterprises and modern start-ups the tools they need to reduce costs and generate more revenue efficiently and securely. Sattrix believes in helping businesses to solve unique problems in the digital world. For more information, connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter or you can directly write to us at info@sattrix.com to transform your business. 

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