Managed Services

Security Orchestration

It is not rare to see a plethora of security solutions unable to create an organization-wide sense; the sum of the parts falls shorter than the larger whole. It not only hurts the security posture of the organization but also puts a question mark on all the fancy deployments and all this happens due to the lack of a very small factor- interlinking. When all the solutions work in unison to achieve a common objective, security is not difficult to maintain, and Sattrix’s Security Orchestration does exactly that.  

Managed Security

With so many areas requiring security and an overwhelmingly large number of technologies to serve those requirements, it becomes difficult to choose the solutions to be deployed. Even if you do, the next big question is finding, and more importantly, retaining the right skillset to manage them. SATTRIX provides device management services in variety of flexible models to help customer choose the devices without the worry of managing them.

Add to it our capability to manage the end to end ownership of an organization’s security setup, and you have a centralized ownership of your entire infrastructure’s security minus the administrative overheads.

Managed Hunting

The reinforced outer walls are ironically useless to defend an attack from within and such gaping holes often lead to the entire security going for a toss. That is where a proactive approach becomes a necessity than an added feature and where our hunting services come into picture. With a team specialized to detect the threats before they arise, you can focus on the larger threats which are coming from the outside.  

Managed SOC

Security is evolving as a concept with each passing day and any organization’s best bet to stay abreast with this dynamic concept is having an equally dynamic Security Operations Centre. This, however, requires both technical and administrative competency, not mentioning upgrading the team constantly to stay on top of the recent trends. SATTRIX uses its expertise and experience in the area of cybersecurity to provide their customers a vigilant and expert SOC, both onsite and offsite. As we have multiple customers across various industry verticals, we ensure that all our customers are getting the best intelligence as a consequence of it and their SOC is providing them the services which suit them the best.