Cloud Security

Cloud Assessment

Ensuring the security of the new environment is even more crucial considering the infrastructure is off your direct control and periodic assessment can provide you the initial relief. Sattrix brings its assessment services now to the cloud as well so that you can turn to us, no matter where you are. With weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly periodicity, we have something for you no matter how casual or intensive your need is.

Cloud Management

Monitoring the security infrastructure is almost always the necessity but seldom the possibility- the CapEx costs, infrastructure requirements, manpower deployment, process setup etc. are just few of the hassles faced. Sattrix takes this whole weight off your shoulders by harnessing the power of cloud which means lower initial and ongoing costs, lower infrastructure requirement and skilled and process-oriented staff working round the clock to keep all this in check. That vacation of yours which couldn’t materialize can now look possible.  


Cloud Integration 

On premise or on cloud, your abode has to look like one- where you know what is where and what is whatyou are in full control and you know your ways around. Our cloud consultants assist you to setup your cloud just the way you want it. We assist you right from the first step of your integration with plans and processes, advices and actions, scalability and robustness. And trust us, it gets better after housewarming.

Cloud Consulting 

Even if the grounds have changed, the games haven’t. The modern-day battle is in the clouds and while it has some different rules, the underlying requirement of security is more or less the same. SATTRIX has been ensuring the security of customer’s infrastructures and is committed to keep up with the ongoing inclination towards cloud. We handhold customers in tuning their infrastructures and keeping them relevant in both on premise and cloud with a host of services tailored to cover the entire spectrum.