Assessment & Advisory


We know that network of yours is probably confusing. We know that it may be nightmarish for you to think of understanding it. And we also know that anyhow, you ought to organize it and make it secure. Right from Network Design to Quality Assurance, Sattrix does it one layer at a time- analyzing each section before moving to another. Our meticulous approach doesn’t include only the technical peripheries but also incorporates the business logic of the architecture and whether it matches the organization’s quality standards. And yes, the finesse with which we do it is complimentary. 


Satisfactory security setup- check. Organized network and security devices- check. Task finished- no. With Sattrix on-board, you can be sure that what suggestions come your way are in your best interest. With us, you will see that security is not a hectic word to cope up with but a means to ensure great quality with a minimal effort- we see it that simply.