Incident Management

Detection is just half the story

And the other half is equally crucial. Right after finding out an incident, Sattrix carries out thorough root cause analysis to understand it right from the roots. Variety of short and long-term post incident precautions are taken the contain and eradicate the incident and ensure that it stays limited to the knowledge base and doesn’t enter the real world.  

 These incidents and their learnings sit in a centralized repository of intelligence which also sees addition from our internal research and development teams. This creates an industry-specific as well as industry-agnostic list of case studies readily available, thus lowering our turnaround time. 

  • Manage

    Be at the helm of the day to day monitoring operations on the lookout of new threats

  • Detect

    Intercept and neutralize the threats as they come in real-time

  • Analyze

    Reach to the absolute depths of the threat to understand and avoid the damage it can cause

  • Eradicate

    Ensure a solid defence mechanism to avoid the breaches from happening again

A touch of finesse in everything we do

Sattrix PS is recognized by OEMs, SIs and customers alike for its expert architecting, top notch implementation and an ability to resolve complex issues in a way that makes it look simple. Right from the pre-implementation till closure, we assist you with our strong experience in order to ensure that you get the best out of your deployment every time.

Management Skill

  • Incident Identification
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Incident Response
  • Automation
  • Endpoint Response

Incident Identification

Identify the problem and it is half solved already and that is true with security incidents as well. We take that with the core of its meaning; a team of experienced professionals shape up the centralized knowledge repository and decrease our turnaround time with each repeat occurrence. 

Predictive Analytics

What good is experience if you can’t foresee a threat? Our human-automation communion of pattern recognition and extrapolation not only saves you from new threats every time but also keeps you better equipped for even the tiniest hint of their reoccurrence.  

Incident Response

Incidents are solved if they don’t happen again and we ensure that they are not only detected in time and responded with a befitting response. With a process oriented, knowledge-centric IR process, you can expect progressively astounding response times, not to mention the advices to eradicate the threats. 


Even if the world is moving towards automation, nothing can beat human intervention as far as security is concerned. But that cannot happen if the real genius is stuck with the routine tasks of responding to incidents. For the experts to bring something on table, Sattrix automates the basic and routine tasks so that the brains are not merely eyes.

The endpoints spread across cubicles, cities or even continents can create a vast pool of information and detect the attacks on their very onset. Sattrix IM team takes this advantage to its optimum utilization to secure you from ground up