Cloud Security Consulting

Security beyond perimeters

The pace at which various industries are moving their infrastructure towards the cloud, a fair share of their attention also has to shift to securing it. Sattrix helps you hop on the cloud bandwagon with ease and sail ahead even more easily with a slew of offerings through the entire value chain.    Be it your very first thought of the transition or you need to rejig an old cloud infrastructure of yours, or anything in between, Sattrix Cloud Consulting offers you expert handholding and top-notch implementation and management services to make your on-premise and cloud deployments work seamlessly. 
  • Begin

    Determine use case, explore high-level solutions, and test a solution through experiments

  • Plan

    Develop a roadmap that translates your business logic into reality

  • Deploy

    Bring the roadmap to life with our proficient implementation team

  • Optimize

    Bring the roadmap to life with our proficient implementation team

Flight ready to take-off

We, with our associations and expertise, transform the entire cloud fairy tale into a practical blueprint and take it all the way to its cruising altitude, without the turbulences of course and never to land.

Management Skill

  • Consulting
  • Designing
  • Migration
  • Management


To go or not to go; when that is the question, Sattrix’s Cloud Consulting team helps you weigh all the aspects of this decision and carve out a strategy best suited for your business requirements, whether on premises or on cloud.


A cloud well built is a cloud useful in need and that crucial first step is executed in a way to take you across the line in style. Sattrix knows the importance of it and, with its domain expertise, helps you design your new cloud setup in a way that it fits seamlessly with your existing deployment.


The complexity of moving your setup to cloud is nothing less than actually taking it to the skies. But even this Achilles’ Hill is a daily jogging exercise for Sattrix where our prime focus is to migrate the entire infrastructure in a way that it feels it belonged there from the start.


The flawlessly deployed cloud setup has to be managed with equal perfection or else it starts falling short in the catch-up game. We manage your cloud with an added finesse of security so that the deployment is always on par and the posture is always good.