Application Security 

The heavy reliance on custom built applications increases the risk of them being attacked because they may not have the best of the codes or security mechanisms as a part of their design. While anyone else would get a AppSec audit done for ticking the box, we ensure that all the wrongs are set straight. And if your organization is heavily reliant on custom built applications, you need not look any further then our services around Application Security. 

  • Code Review 
  • Web Application Audit 
  • Mobile Application Audit 


If the attackers don’t stop to find new exploits to get into your infrastructure, why should you stop in finding them? Be it on a periodic or a continuous basis, SATTRIX provides multiple options to ensure that your organization is constantly aware of what it is exposed to. But is being aware enough? Obviously, no. You need to know what cracks can actually be exploited so that you are not wasting your resources and still staying exposed. With the same flexibility of options, SATTRIX offers on-demand, periodic and continuous penetration testing and remediation services so that your fort becomes your fortress. 

  • VA
  • PT
  • Network Architecture Review 


We know that network of yours is probably confusing. We know that it may be nightmarish for you to think of understanding it. And we also know that anyhow, you ought to organize it and make it secure. Right from Network Design to Quality Assurance, SATTRIX does it one layer at a time- analyzing each section before moving to another. Our meticulous approach doesn’t include only the technical peripheries but also incorporates the business logic of the architecture and whether it matches the organization’s quality standards. And yes, the finesse with which we do it is complimentary. 

  • ICS
  • Spearphishing