Red Teaming

Red Team Cybersecurity

Close Your Security Gaps & Evolve Your Protection

Our Red Teaming fully simulates a real-life attack to help measure how well an organization can withstand the cyber threats and malicious actors of today. A red team serves as the attacker in this simulation, using the same techniques and tools of hackers to evade detection and test the defense readiness of the internal security team.

We offer red team testing for not just vulnerabilities within the technology, but of the people within the organization as well. Social engineering techniques like phishing or in person visits. Even the security of the physical premises may be tested. Ultimately, teaming serves as a comprehensive assessment of your security infrastructure as a whole.


Get the Most Comprehensive Defense Services

Our red team testing and assessment is the practice of attacking a problem from an adversarial point of view and follows different approach from a typical security assessment. It relies heavily on well-defined tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), which are of utmost importance to successfully emulate realistic threat or adversary.

Why should choose Our Services

Open to Ideas

Open to Ideas

Learn how prepared your organization is to respond to a targeted attack designed to test the effectiveness of people and technology.

Lead by Example

Lead by Example

Learn whether systems, data and other critical assets are at risk and how easily they could be targeted by adversaries.

Employee First

Employee First

By mirroring the latest adversarial tactics, red reaming can help identify hidden vulnerabilities that attackers might seek to exploit.

Interactive and Engaging
Interactive and Engaging

Receive important post-operation support to address any vulnerabilities identified and mitigate the risk of suffering real-life attacks.

Excellence in Growth

Your Blue team effectiveness has not been tested

By simulating a range of scenarios, red team testing helps your security team to identify and address gaps in threat coverage and visibility.

Fairness in Work Ethics

Excellence in Growth

By simulating a range of scenarios, red team testing helps your security team to identify and address gaps in threat coverage and visibility.

Our Approach

Our customer oriented approach makes the transformation journey easy to understand and more effective for our customers to adapt quickly.

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    Scenario-led cyber-security testing

    Our Red-Team cybersecurity-attack simulation service uses real-world scenarios, threat intelligence, and a combination of physical, network, and social attack vectors.

  • 02

    Bespoke attacks, tailored to your business

    The scope of the Red-Team simulated attack service focuses upon your organization’s critical assets and primary risk concerns as part of the engagement objectives.

  • 03

    Gain a greater understanding

    Sattrix’s Red-Team simulated cyber-attacks are designed to reduce uncertainty around how a targeted and realistic cyber-attack would impact your organization.

  • 04

    Create your line of defense

    Your organization can use this engagement to train defensive capabilities in face of real world advanced and persistent threats.

  • 05

    Feel prepared

    The overall aim of being to prevent, detect and respond to the simulated attack as if it were real, as well providing an overview for testing crisis management procedures.

service feature

Red Teaming

  • Tabletop/Dry-Run Simulations

    Role-playing scenarios conducted with client stakeholders in a boardroom setting. As these exercises are theoretical, many types of attack scenarios can be tested with zero operational impact.

  • Direct Attack

    Engagements in which only a few individuals know you are “under attack” so you can test actual reactions and responses. These scenarios are highly customized to cover a wide range of either general or specific goals.

Our Experties

We are a specialized Red Team Cybersecurity services to our worldwide customers. We offer a wide range of service options that have acquired over the period and experienced gained from delivering varied size and scale of projects globally.

  • As-a-Service Option
  • DDoS Attack
  • Social Engineering
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Hybrid Attack
  • Roadmap Development
  • Focus on requirement mapping