Professional Services

Industry leading implementation

Sattrix is the preferred Professional Services partner of OEMs and SIs alike and one thing makes it possible- expertise. Right from understanding the need and purpose from scratch till giving the last touch of finesse, Sattrix relies on meticulousness; something which comes from its rich implementation experience of various security technologies.

We don’t just move forward, but also make our methods better by retrospection and subsequent optimization so that you are assured that when hand the setup over to you, it is one of the very best in the industry.   


  • Assess

    Ground up understanding of the solution, its purpose and positioning within the infrastructure

  • Consult

    Gaining and transferring knowledge of business and technical requirements of the solution

  • Redefine

    Advise changes for the optimization of the suggested deployment

  • Implement

    Carry out the implementation as per the finalized plan

A touch of finesse in everything we do

Sattrix PS is recognized by OEMs, SIs and customers alike for its expert architecting, top notch implementation and an ability to resolve complex issues in a way that makes it look simple. Right from the pre-implementation till closure, we assist you with our strong experience in order to ensure that you get the best out of your deployment every time.

Integration Skill

  • Third party application
  • SOAR
  • EDR

Third party application

In times where integration with out of the box supported devices is a major challenge for service providers, integrating ingeniously developed application has a big question mark looming over them. Sattrix PS, however, offers seamless integration of your third-party applications with your deployment to ensure uninterrupted flow of information. 


Fetch data from your online services to integrate with your security monitoring infrastructure to expand your vision over the security of the setup. Sattrix offers you the capability of calling data through APIs into your SIEM in order for it to create a bigger, organization wide canvas of your purview.


The security landscape is moving towards automation and no matter how valuable manual input is for complex scenarios, the workforce spends most of the time performing mundane tasks. By integrating your infrastructure with a SOAR platform, we cut the clutter so that the manual intelligence is available for the actual intelligent tasks.


Oftentimes, when the entire focus is on securing the critical nodes in the infrastructure, the threat seeps in through the masses- the endpoints. A robust setting up and configuration of your endpoint layer cuts the threat right from the grassroot level, so the devices higher up can manage more critical threats.