Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Services

You get hit because you let yourself be an easy mark.

IT organizations are building, maintaining, and improving their network defenses against internal and external malicious users and attackers every day. While understanding how well these defenses withstand adversaries, is imperative to keep your fortress secure.

Sattrix takes the time to understand our client’s business and think like an attacker would. This allows us to gain a holistic overview, as well as a technical point of view. Using set objectives, we will identify the weakest link first, and then escalate until one or several bastions fall, and we gain privileged access to information or systems.


A curated solution

Our professional penetration testing analysts can advise you on the minimum frequency of pen tests required for your specific business domain and IT infrastructure. Additionally, they can advise on the necessary procedures and investments aimed at building a more secure environment within your organization.

Where is the Concern Area

Task List

Attackers will identify the security exposures before you

The most surefire way to measure your security level is by studying how it can be hacked.

Process Time and Cost

Remediation cost post an attack is high and so is network downtime

The process of recovering from a security breach can cost your business thousands or even millions of dollars.

Security Measure

You need efficient security measure

The summarized results of a penetration testing services are essential for assessing the current security level of your IT systems.

Protect Your Business

Enable Compliance with Security Regulations

Undoubtedly, penetration testing company plays a crucial role in terms of protecting your business and its valuable assets from potential intruders.

Customer Loyalty

You can lose Company’s Image and Customer Loyalty

Security attacks may compromise your sensitive data, which leads to the loss of trusted customers and serious reputational damages.

Our Approach

Our customer oriented approach makes the transformation journey easy to understand and more effective for our customers to adopt quickly.

  • 01

    Information Gathering

    Our PT expert locates publicly accessible information related to the client and finds out ways which can be exploited for getting into systems.

  • 02

    Planning and Research

    After information collection through several informational tools or manual surfing, next stage demands planning and thorough research. 

  • 03


    The preliminary information that the tester is capable of the gathering is analyzed.

  • 04

    Vulnerability Detection

    Testers understands the response of a target app to several intrusion attacks. Static as well as dynamic analysis is used in this situation. 

  • 05

    Penetration Testing

    It utilizes web app attacks like cross-site scripting, backdoors, and SQL injection for uncovering a target’s vulnerabilities.

penetration testing company
  • Network Penetration Testing Services
    Network Penetration Testing Services

    The primary objective for a network security penetration test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in networks, systems, hosts and network devices.

  • Consulting Services
    Wireless Security Assessment

    Designed to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in security controls employed by several wireless technologies and standards, misconfigured access points, and weak security protocols.

  • Database Transfer Security
    Database Security Penetration Testing

    These are integral to a systematic and proactive approach to database security.

  • Kubernetes Security Assessment
    Kubernetes Security Assessment

    As the Kubernetes system becomes more prevalent in our “technological life,” we expect that we will encounter this system more and more. Our responsibility as penetration testers and researchers is to take care of the security aspect of Kubernetes.

  • iOS/Android Application Testing

    The mobile application penetration testing methodology concentrates on client-side safety, file system, hardware, and network security.

Our Specialization

That’s not all what you have read. As a penetration testing service provider, Sattrix provides plethora of options which has acquired over the period and experienced gained from delivering varied size and scale of projects globally.

  • As-a-Service Option
  • Focus on requirement mapping
  • 24X7 Support
  • Minimal Downtime
  • Remediation Roadmap Development
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Extensive use of custom scripts