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Partnership,is the mantra of growth together

“Grow Together” a wonderful journey to unravel to enjoy it. Sattrix believes in partnering with those, OEMs, SIs, Distributors and MSPs; globally.

We build long term trusted relationship with our partners globally allowing our partners to provide comprehensive offerings to their customers together. We support our partners to strengthen their relationship with customers and we become the bridge to success.



Technology is ever changing landscape in Cyber Security domain and it is very important for us to align with those OEMs to build technological expertise in our portfolio of services. We believe in developing competitive edge to provide excellent delivery and support system.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services is one of the flagship offerings of Sattrix. Sattrix is equipped with the capable experts on analysis, research, and hunting. The same service is getting delivered using combination of known security technologies.

Sattrix also partners with regional partners to provide hybrid managed services. We provide complete ready-to-use SOC services to our partners to offer services in the market in no time.


Professional Services

Sattrix has developed unique “Capability Building Program” to develop pool of resources on any technology is no time to support any OEM. With the same reason Sattrix is the preferred Professional Services partner of many OEMs and SIs. Starting from understanding the requirement till giving the last touch of finesse, Sattrix relies on meticulousness; something which comes from its culture built within the team.

We are excited to partner with you.

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