Managed Detection & Response

Log Collection 

Logs are the ledger of the information currency that is exchanged in your network. Be it for a basic compliance, effective correlation rules, threat pattern recognition, historical analysis or advanced analytics, logs are the key requirement for all of it. And with the ocean of data coming in everyday, it becomes progressively complex and increasingly difficult to manage this. Sattrix not only collects and manages the data effectively but also creates actionable intelligence out of it.  

Incident Analysis 

Identifying a probable attack takes a lot and the more the information, the better your precaution and mitigation. Sattrix’s teams don’t deal with incidents only on a transactional basis; for what they are but also for what they were (Historic Analytics) and what they can become (Predictive Analytics). 

Threat Hunting 

The reinforced outer walls are ironically useless to defend an attack from within and such gaping holes often lead to the entire security going for a toss. That is where a proactive approach becomes a necessity than an added feature and where our hunting services come into picture. With a team specialized to detect the threats before they arise, you can focus on the larger threats which are coming from the outside.