Sattrix Family

Sachin Gajjar Founder

The man behind Sattrix; a geek at heart who carries the vision of making IT service delivery a peace of mind for the organizations and strives to deliver it every day with the a quality better than yesterday.

Ronak Gajjar Director- HR

She mixes her knowledge of HR and interest in design to architect a working environment that is both professionally upright and aesthetically pleasing. She never takes a no for an answer because she believes that impossible can be made possible simply by finding the right thing to do at the right time.

Bhavik Patel Operations Head

An avid road trip fan, he has literally come a long distance in his career of two decades right from root to top and everything in between. With an inclination for technology but penchant for management, he is approached by techies and managers alike.   

Mayur Rathod Practice Head, Sattrix Software

Someone who can not only drive a team towards achieving an output but also roll up his sleeves to solve a complex issue himself. With a diverse background of various industries and a work experience of various big names, he can be given a task without the worry of its completion.

Partha Nayak Sr. Security Consultant

Our ‘back to the basics’ guy, suspected to have a blood group N+ or S+ due to the expertise he has in networks and security. Give him a tricky situation and he will teach you how not to get stuck with it ever again. 

Sridhar Ganeshan Country Head - Sales - India

While he spends his leisure on beaches and writing plays, his in-office avatar is quite the opposite- fast paced and rooted to reality; all polished through a long-standing career of 17 years with companies like Opus, Datamatics and Sify. 

Krunal Mendapara Solution Architect

Someone who eats, drinks, sleeps and talks technology; the geek of the house who can be trusted with any product, security or otherwise. He has worked with major enterprises across the continent accomplishing some ground-breaking deployments.

HARIKRISHNA PATEL Assistant Manager- Delivery

The person you come across when you start and end a project with SattrixHe’ll go on a bike ride but won’t take his customers on a ride. He runs his delivery in the same sync which he borrows from his interest in automobiles.