Managed SOC

Eyes on the vigil, round the clock

Sattrix, with its team of vigilant security experts, enables you to have a bird’s eye view of the entire infrastructure’s security posture irrespective of the time of the day (or night). It ensures that no breach or an attempt of it goes unnoticed despite any level of prowess shown by the attacker.  

 And this is not and cannot be achieved by simple reporting and alerting. We go down to the very detail of individual logs and see patterns of normal and anomalous. And the best part is that we do it both onsite and offsite.  

  • Robustness

    Focus on technical expertise to ensure that the security posture is always upright

  • Relevance

    Staying in sync with industry trends to percolate the implications to your environment

  • Seamlessness

    Work in unison with the customer’s environment towards common security goals

  • Flexibility

    Deliver the same quality both on and off premises, based on your needs

Two companies, one team 

Sattrix MSS team works in unison with the stakeholders of your infrastructure to deliver a security model that is seamlessly in line with your business requirements. Whether onsite or offsite, the managed security staff interviews, consults, advises and strategizes various ways to fortify your infrastructure. 

Management Skill

  • Log Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Threat Hunting
  • Security Intelligence
  • Threat Response 
  • Remediation

Log Management

Basic compliance for some, absolute business necessity for others. Log management can take various forms and reasons to be a part of the security operations but can never diminish in its value; something very conveniently overlooked. But not at Sattrix though, as we see it as the baby steps of a security setup which can leap to the skies. 

Big Data Analytics

With the data becoming a currency in itself and raining all over the place, just managing the inflow of the data can become overwhelming, let alone organizing and making sense out of it. That is where Sattrix’s Big Data Analytics comes into picture- not just managing the floodgates of your data but also giving you actionable insights from it.  

Threat Monitoring

With the combination of real time monitoring, pro-active hunting and constant device and event analyses, Sattrix SOC not only makes your monitoring setup defensive but also contextually aware.  

Threat Hunting

Offense is the best form of defence because threats need to be found before they find you. Sattrix SOC not only contains the incoming threats but also hunts for activities and patterns before they become a threat. Using a mix of security intelligence, manual inputs aided by pattern recognition, we not only incapacitate the known ones but also flag the probable zero day attacks.

Sattrix SOC incorporates the new and upcoming threats to look out for Zero Day vulnerabilities and consequent exploits. This is not limited to integration of a security feed but goes beyond to understand threat patterns and identify them while they are shaping up.

The first step towards minimizing the damage off an incident is handling it right at the response stage, or else the subsequent jobs are more about firefighting than actual resolution. This is where Sattrix starts making a difference.

Once the first aid is performed, the response team moves forward towards closing the incident for good; moving towards meticulous investigation, failproof eradication and long-sighted remediation