Managed Services

One BIG less thing to worry

Security is transient in nature and has to keep up with the ever-evolving dynamicity of the attacks and the attackers. Sattrix, with its vast and long-standing experience of managing complicated security infrastructures, aims to make the managing of information security setup a routine, relevant and robust activity.  

Add to it the variety of industry verticals we cater to and you get the most complete visibility of the modern-day security landscape and not just being limited to your own industry.  

  • Implement

    Deploy the solution or understand the existing setup

  • Manage

    Run the routine show with the leading intelligence in the industry

  • Educate

    Periodically handhold the stakeholders to explain the security of their area of interest

  • Update

    Learn from the past and upgrade it for the future

Hand it to who handles it best

Having so many things to worry about, security management can become a huge burden on your shoulders and that’s why we take it off from there. Sattrix manages the entire security infrastructure of yours in a model of your choice with routinely progressive operational strategies so that your security posture makes more sense with each passing day.

Management Skill

  • Enterprise Security
  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Application Security
  • Cloud Security

Enterprise Security

Enterprise grade solutions require matching level of robustness and resilience. Being one of the prime targets of attackers, enterprise security management is defended by teams substantially equipped to manage any level of security breaches and contain them in no time. 

Network Security

The flow of data (and its absence) makes (and breaks) the entire infrastructure and if compromised, the consequences can go farther than imagination. Our Network Security management teams watch the neuron transmission with utmost attention so that your business is always in good health. 

Endpoint Security

Managing the overwhelmingly large quantity of endpoints can look a pain, especially considering the apparently more critical devices higher up the chainbut securing it is equally important, if not more so.  

Manged Application Security

Securing your in-house applications against attacks and breaches becomes more challenging due to its beta stages and decentralized control, plus the scenario with multiple such applications can only be left to imagination. Sattrix manages the security of your applications on an ongoing basis to ensure that you can twist them without a worry.

Manged Cloud Security

An infrastructure which is not in your purview requires higher level of security and that’s exactly what Sattrix provides you. Instead of feeling a loosened grip on the disparate deployments, you feel more in command over the distributed whole than the sum of the parts.